Fluid Strength: Strong Legs, Clear Mind
Lydia Zamorano

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That was such a fun and invigorating practice.  Thank you!  Love the artwork! 
Catherine R Thanks Catherine! Happy to be practicing together! Lydia 
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Thank you for this nourishing, grounding practice. I was a little intimidated by the level 2/3 rating, but you offered plenty of modifications and the lovely reminder “this is YOUR practice, YOUR flow” 🌺
Jenny S That is the best news. I was in a dear friend's class the other day and she kept reminding me that the practice was MINE. It has really guided me these last couple of weeks. Happy that the feeling is being passed on! Warmth always to you Jenny, Lydia 
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Good to practice with you in this sweetly challenging sequence! Love from Ottawa! xoxo
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Thank you for this wonderful practice. It was very helpful in getting me (at least for now) out of my head. :)
Kate M Love back from Canmore Kate! Thanks for letting me know we were practicing together! Smiles and warmth, Lydia 
Lori C You are so welcome Lori. I also find that getting into my feet and legs brings me out of my head! Warmth always, Lydia 
Excelente practica, un poco fuerte para mi pero en algunas posturas hice las adaptaciones para mi nivel con los bloques. Muchas gracias, Namaste.
Carmen S. De nada!
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