Fluid Strength: Strong Legs, Clear Mind
Lydia Zamorano

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I loved this practice, Lydia! Like Jenny, I too was a bit intimidated by the rating at first, but you guided the sequence so well, the pacing was really perfect, just enough time to get a quick rest but not to let the energy drop before continuing.  I also enjoyed the hip and leg opening you offered, and your energy is really great throughout.  I really loved this class, it's in my Favorites, and I'll be coming back to this strong fluid flow often! Thank you!! 🙏 
Elizabeth M That is the best news Elizabeth! I'm so happy you will be coming back to this one. Lots of warmth and smiles to you! Lydia 
I am not ready to move this quickly with my yoga practice, but I look forward to returning to this with a fresher body and more Yoga awareness. I don't know how you float forwards and back, but I will learn that. I am longer in the legs than torso, but I am sure there are some Jedi mind tricks I can learn.   Will keep practicing with your Yoga for Athletes files, because I like how I can accomplish new things with your guidance and warmth.  You have a skill of erasing the fourth wall. "It's your body and your practice" is repeated a few times, and it started to sink in, and reminds me of when you argued to make your body your friend. Sage advice! 
David Goldstein I love hearing about how your practice is going David! Thanks for continuing to share with me. Warmly, Lydia 
28 days ago later...   I did things that really blew my mind.  Whew! What a ride.  
David Goldstein Your commitment is inspiring David! Thank you for sharing your journey with me! Warmth, Lydia 
Ok, this was one of those yoga experiences where you say: "yep, this is why I practice even when I can't get my flow going." Lots of  bests here. My best bow. My best quad stretch. My best hop. And lots of "wait, how did I do thats?" Thanks for the push to return to this season.  

Also, you composed a clever sequence, bike racing up a mountain, and then enjoying some really good downhills and a good coffee stop. 

 How long did it take to create this?   And do you know what you are going to say in the Savasana?   
David Goldstein You are really inspiring me with your consistent practice David. Also I love how you described this flow, and it's fun to hear about your bests. It usually takes me an hour to come up with a new sequence. Sometimes I practice it twice before teaching it. I rarely know what I'll say in savasana! The practice becomes the muse? Thank you for being so engaged in this series. With a big smile and two hands together, Lydia 
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