20 Minute Yoga Flows: Fluid Spine Flow
Robert Sidoti

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What a fun practice featuring lots of classic postures (they’re classic for a reason!) and something new and exciting (to me at least) the “Nordic….” What a lovely stretch! All of this in 20 minutes 🙌⭐️
Great practice! Thanks, Robert!
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I was feeling really sore after after a tough game of tennis and this practice smoothed out all the aches and pains. Energised, I'm ready to face another day with peace, love and a grateful smile. Namaste.
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Brilliant! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!
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Love this practice.  Really fun!
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Fantastic teacher and such a fun practice! Just the energy I needed for a gloomy day!
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Sweet little sequence, Robert! We're celebrating Thanksgiving up here in Canada this weekend, and I'm very thankful for your teaching today!! Be well : )
Hiiii Jenny S  - So nice to see you here and I'm so so happy these 20 minutes sequences work for you - love the Nordic stretch and stabilizing posture!! Thanks for always supporting and commenting! 
You're so very welcome Sandra Židan !! 
Hello there my friend Glenford N !! I'm an avid tennis player and know exactly what you mena - body can feel pretty sore after a long match, moving helps so much in the recovery! Thanks for your constant positivity here! 
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