Renewal: A 7-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 6: Inner Freedom
Rosemary Garrison

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I appreciate the subtlety of what you notice, David G- . Thanks for the hands clasping/ stabilizing connection. Do let me know if you return to this! 
Yay, Lina S ! So glad you enjoyed it. 
This totally melts me, Samantha P . Thank you for sharing. 
I hear you, Kare H . I truly hope you are getting the connection you need. So critical... especially these days. Sending warmth. 
It does, doesn't it, Francesca Venturini ?! I love that feeling. So glad you enjoyed it. 
Love love love to you, dear Kate M .
So happy to hear that, Christel B . Enjoy!
Happy and free, Sandra Židan , SO good!!! 
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Great sequence. Lovely pace. Thank you 
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I’ve been leaving my comment in the wrong place.. I’ve been away from yoga anytime for a while finding my yoga in different places. It’s great to be practicing with you again. Namaste. X
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