Wake Up with Yoga: Embodied Core
Sarah Manwaring

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Lovely practice! I loved all the newness and the element of freedom of the body in this routine. Thank you!

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Great core practice. I feel awake!
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I agree with Shawn and Laura M. I also really loved the way you described the movements using imagery and unique clueing that kept things fresh and fun. So happy to practice with you Sarah! 🌚🌝🙏🏻
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YUMMY!!! This is my new favorite core class! 
With gratitude,
Thank you Fern S & Shawn & Laura M & Jenny S   for these kind comments. As a new yoga anytime teacher I am so grateful to be part of the community and look forward to more practices together soon. 

Wishing you all a wonderful day. Sarah
Sarah, you've done a great job in this practice- I don't like core focused practices but you've succeeded to make this practice interesting, challenging and not to hard for me! I've enjoyed doing it! Thank you very much! Namaste! 💖
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Really enjoyed this practice. Namaste.
Sandra Židan What a lovely comment. I'm so glad the core work felt engaging and accessible.  

with kindness, sarah
Christel B thank you so much, be well!
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Great way to begin the day. I love core work and this was perfect for the morning. The subtle cues—center of center and space between ears—were new and resonated. Thank you! 
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