Wake Up with Yoga: Embodied Core<br>Sarah Manwaring

Wake Up with Yoga: Embodied Core
Sarah Manwaring

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Sarah Manwaring
David Goldstein Glad the subtle cues resonated and thank you for sharing your support. Hope to share practice again soon. 
Kate M
Thank you Sarah Manwaring for this lovely core focused practice. It was very balanced and felt good. Love!
thank you! 🙏 
Sarah Manwaring
Matthew you are very welcome. have a wonderful day. 
Lina S
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I've really enjoyed the kneeling series as well as the abs work at the beginning. Thank you!
Sarah Manwaring
Lina S I'm happy the class resonated in a way that felt balanced for you. I look forward to more play and practice together again soon. Have a wonderful week.
Nina G
Loved this practice! Thank you.
Sarah Manwaring
Nina G thank you so much! I hope we can share some more moments again soon.

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