Grounded Joy: Steady Standing Sequence
Lydia Zamorano

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Hi Lydia! I love the clarity and pace with which you guide, creating a sense of peace within the challenge =) So happy to see you thriving...Namaste
~Trace from Revy =)
Trace! So happy to meet you on here.
Thank you so much for watching and commenting.
I'll try to come and visit soon... maybe our family will get out for a Revy ski this winter. Huge love from us. xo
Loved loved loved your class! Thx tons
Tracy! Thanks so much! Hope we can continue to practice together. Big hug!
Your guidance is soft and strong your legs ??????
Dear Marcia, thanks for watching and digging our roots into the earth together! This practice can support strong and easy legs, for sure. Xo
Nice standing sequence flow! (Although I was initially confused at its listing here as Ashtanga - perhaps because you also teach Ashtanga?)
Thank you Lydia! This was such a nice sequence and I love how you embody grounded joy... xo
Zoe! Happy you enjoyed it. Big hug!
So lovely to practice with you virtually! Much love.
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