Grounded Joy: Steady Standing Sequence
Lydia Zamorano

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Adore you!
Looking forward to seeing you again. xo
Especially lovely to be guided by your calm strength during this weary, weary week. Love to you.
Hi Rosemary. Thanks for sending love. I feel it. Wishing you ease. Love.
What a fun practice! Thank you!
hi Catherine. So happy. Thanks for letting me know! Lydia
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Thank you, Lydia!
Quote from the practice: "Just dare to be strong and soft at the same time."
Nice to virtually OM together.
Love, C
Love you!
Lovely way to start the day! Thanks Lydia Zamorano
Hi Jasmine! Thanks for letting me know! Big hugs! Lydia Zamorano
As usual, I am grateful for the opportunity to practice with your guiding voice. Always a pleasure to have the gentle alignment reminders - the ‘ice-cream scoop’ analogy helped :) Lydia always brings a softness to my practice which I love!
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