Healthy Happy Sexy: Earth Flow<br>Katie Silcox

Healthy Happy Sexy: Earth Flow
Katie Silcox

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Maria F
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I really really liked this practice. Challenging but not too much for me. Thank you!
Courtney K
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So happy to be able to practice with you virtually now! Loved this practice; I feel very grounded and ready to move with steadiness and ease into the rest of my evening.
Linda S
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Thank you for another great practice on this site. It's been fun learning from you and the pace was just perfect for me :)
Elaine Fox
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Mmm, this felt marvelous! Thanks!
Katie Silcox
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Hi guys - thanks! Glad you are loving the earth-mama flows
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The flow is great but the pace is too fast to follow (without hurrying and generating stress) and a bit more cueing would be helpful. "Come back down" could be come back down to melasana. I find that teachers should not got at the pace of their own breath, but a tad slower, as the rest of us need to interpret the cues, which slows us down. This applies to a lot of videos on YogaAnytime and causes me to give up mid-way in exasperation.
Kira Sloane
Dearest Wynter,

Thank you so much for your considered and helpful feedback. Super grateful.

If you are looking for a slower vinyasa practice, you might check out some of Rosemary's practices. Her Season 5 of the The Vinyasa Show might be a place to meet her: w-season/1569/Yoga-The-Vinyasa-Show -Season-5-Rosemary-Garrison

Jennif er Prugh's Mandala Yoga offers intelligent progressive cuing. how-view/71/Yoga-Show-Mandala-Yoga

I see you have liked some of Heidi's practices. Suniti's Season 2 of Asana Studies offers quiet thoughtful deep cuing that I really like: ow-season/413/Yoga-Asana-Studies-Se ason-2-Suniti-Dernovsek

Melina's sequences are very easy to follow. show-view/61/Yoga-Show-Yoga-for-Our -Nature

I am grateful for your commitment to your practice and glad you are here.

Aileen M
Thank you Katie, really enjoyed this grounding practice...
Helen R
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Wonderful practice, the pace was perfect for me and I feel grounded after a long day at work. Exactly what I needed. Thank you.
Lianne M
thanks great practice, really helped my lower back! Love this show!
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