Healthy Happy Sexy: Earth Flow<br>Katie Silcox

Healthy Happy Sexy: Earth Flow
Katie Silcox

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Gabriel W
Really great practice thank you x
Velma V
Great class.  Loved your pace, loved your cues, loved the sequence and your flow.  Beautiful practice  !!   Thank You
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I think that this is one of the most beautiful practices I have ever done!  I did this after a day of working in the garden, and it felt like the perfect continuation of tending the earth.  The practice was calming and grounding, but with some gorgeous variations I have never tried before. I loved the reclined twist with knees bent.  Thank you for sharing this beautiful sequence, Katie.
Phuong E
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I feel ushered into a state of surrender and ease.  Thank you for the persistent and gentle reminders to tend to the mind.  Loved it. 
Mireia B
Many many thanks, really need to grounding me and work with the earth. Love that practice to connect with earth and groundded. GRACIAS. NAMASTE from Spain. 
Lisa M
Soooooo nice
Flavia O
Very nice practice. Thank you. NAMASTE 
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