Outdoor Yoga Flows: Ocean Body
Alana Mitnick

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Lovely class to wind down my day. "Honor your body".... such an important teaching!
Thank you for being here and sharing, Kare H. I truly feel that we are all this together... learning when to engage and when to let go.... taking time for self care, listening, and honoring what is alive and presence in each moment. Warmly, Alana 
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My right arm was sore from tennis and raking today; after this practice, no pain!  I modified the pose (forgot name) where you look like a crab, as my right shoulder is not flexible enough.  No issues, I am pain free now.  !
Beatriz O, So glad this practice wove into and supported your active life! Pain free is such a relief. By crab are you referring to Wheel Pose (the big backbend).Wheel is one of my favorites to modify with Bridge Pose or something less dramatic. It can be very demanding on the shoulders and wrists so I'm so happy to hear that you listened to your body. Have a wonderful weekend! Love, Alana 
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Hi Alana! Thank you so much for these beautiful flows! I’m loving the sounds of the ocean waves, and grateful for the 30 minute full spectrum of nourishment for my mind, body and soul! I love practicing with you, so much, and I begin almost every day with you! 🙏❤️💫
Hi Rebecca R! My pleasure... thank YOU so much for joining me in these outdoor yoga flows. I, too, am loving the sound and feel of the ocean waves, saltwater, and sunshine. So delighted to know that we are practice together! Wishing you a beautiful, relaxing, and nourishing weekend. Love, Alana 
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Love this flowy practice, Alana Mitnick ! I'm always amazed at how much ground one can cover in 30 minutes...! Love.
So true, Kate M! Grateful to be in the flow together. Thank goodness for Yoga! XoA
Love this pace and beautiful, energizing sequence.  Thank you Alana 🙏🏼
So good to hear, Agnes Gerritsen! Thank you for sharing and joining me in this outdoor yoga flow. Sp happy you are here! Love, Alana 
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