Inner Workings: Hamstring Flossing
Kira Sloane

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Hi Kira, I love this and do it every day. Was wondering if you can suugest any of your practices that work on releasing the hip flexors. Thanks, be well
Dearest Joan,

You might check out these practices:
Deep Hip Opening with Laura Tyree
Hanuman Hips with Jules Mitchell
Revived and Ready to Climb with Lydia
Freedom in the Hips with Sarah Beston
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Kira thank you for your response and suggestions. I was hoping you had another practice, I so enjoy your style. I will look into all of these, very grateful. Be well.
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🙏🏼 Kira, this was interesting and helpful...I am still assimilating 😊
Valerie R, keep me posted! xok
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Kira, it has been awhile, I have returned to exploring :). Thank You for encouraging me to allow and learn about my body, being curious and not forcing.   🙏🏼💜                        Now I know one reason why this practice is interesting... my anterior superior tib|fib ligament was torn off years ago.  
Valerie R! Oh wow, ouch! Welcome back. xok
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