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Deven Sisler

Deven Sisler


Deven Sisler, will empower your practice on and off your mat.

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A senior certified AcroYoga teacher she is known for her joyful, playful approach to partnership and collaboration, and her articulate teaching. With training in yoga, thai massage, theatre, clowning, and acrobatics, she is able to hold a safe, creative, nurturing space of exploration for all ages.

Deven's teaching methodology is beneficial for new practitioners, current yoga teachers, children’s’ yoga teachers and yoga teachers-in-training. Her perspective through the lens of AcroYoga heightens kinesthetic and proprioceptive awareness; it cultivates trust, communication and community building; and provides a creatively interactive forum to deepen experiential understanding of assists and assisting through basic foundational concepts of acrobatics + thai massage that make yoga more accessible to everyone and every body type.

We are so delighted to be able to share Deven’s rare and special gifts here at Yoga Anytime. We so hope you and your family and friends enjoy playing along with her.

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