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Mia Togo

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Mia grew up in the small town of Murrieta, California. She was an avid equestrian and dancer, those were the inspirations in her life. These pursuits dealt with energy, connection, and expression of her spirit. Little did she know this would pave the way to her love and devotion of yoga.

Now residing in London and teaching at triyoga, Mia is also a YogaWorks senior teacher, teacher trainer, 300-hour mentor and leads yoga retreats and workshops around the world. She teaches Yoga because of the lessons that it taught her - through heartbreak and loss, she learned to live and love from a place of acceptance and honesty - a lesson that is valuable to all. In her own yoga journey, she has traveled into the labyrinth of her center and back out again, bringing with her the gift of courage and greater compassion for human frailty.

Mia creates a space for her students to explore their truth - a place where they can remember that their worth does not need to be earned, bought, or outsourced, because true love comes from within. With detailed alignment, Mia’s sequences are designed to get the mind to show up and shift patterns that can be held on a musculoskeletal level. In a world where we are taught to push away discomfort and attach to pleasure, she encourages students to honor what is coming up for them on the mat, rather than override and ignore it.

Flowing through asanas takes a student deep into the places that need to be held with pure attention and healed through loving presence. Life is full of challenges and every season we move through is a gift to honor, to move through mindfully, and to learn to live from in a space of truth and love.Yoga asana allows us the opportunity to slow down and tune into the sensations of our own bodies, the belief systems in our minds, and some of the tender places in our hearts. We all walk through this journey of life on a different path, and yet, we can all struggle with the same challenges of feeling as though we are not enough, of feeling as though we are not worthy of love and connection.

"Yoga is all about connection and reconnecting with our wholeness. When we heal our own internal warfare, or limiting dialogue, we create visible peace in all aspects of our lives. After all, strength is not about forcing life, but in having the grace to step back and allow the life force to flow through us so that we can live courageously with a willingness to change and be accountable for our own healing and transformation." - Mia