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Gil Hedley

Gil Hedley

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For nearly 20 years, Gil Hedley, has guided countless "Somanauts" on his Integral Anatomy expeditions of the human form. Gil has created the word "somanaut" to describe those who explore the inner space of the body, and discover there, the rich terrain of themselves. As founder of Somanautics Workshops, Inc., Gil provides continuing education opportunities for professionals from a broad spectrum of disciplines and healing modalities, including Pilates instructors. Gil's inspired approach to anatomy presents an appreciative vision of the wonders of the human form both in the laboratory and out, at home and abroad.

Gil considers himself an eternal student of life. He studied at the IM School of Healing Arts and was certified as a Rolfer® in 1993. His formal schooling includes the study of religion and ethics. He went to Duke as an undergrad, and then to the Divinity School of the University of Chicago for an MA in the study of religion and later a Ph.D. in Theological and Philosophical Ethics. While in Chicago, Gil studied Tai Chi, which, among many other things, helped him to re-conceive his body and to write a book about that process.

Gil Hedley, Ph.D., has been teaching his integral approach to anatomy in the dissection laboratory since 1994, bringing together somanauts from a variety of disciplines to explore the human form. He is the producer of The Integral Anatomy Series, 4 feature length videos documenting his approach through on-camera dissection. Gil also has lectured widely, helping attendees positively shift their perceptions of the human body in all its wonders. Gil has also written a number of books, and freely shares his videos online, in addition to offering CE courses both online and in person. Please visit the social media links, below to find out more!

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