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Chris Hoskins

Chris Hoskins


Chris vibrates with the truth of Yoga.

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His deep awareness and reverence for the precise details that can hold the mind steady allows for a shimmery grace of movement. Chris’s teaching carries his respect and enthusiasm for what is possible when we allow for the truth of the body to be seen and felt.

Chris began his Yoga study and practice in 1975 as a junior in high school in Hayward, California with Richard Hittleman records. He remembers coming home and practicing every day no matter how late at night. He has since trained in the Desikachar, Jois, and Iyengar approaches with Leslie Kaminoff, Beryl Bender, Thom Birch, Rodney Yee, Mary Paffard, Richard Rosen, and Patricia Sullivan.

Concurrent with his yoga education and practice, Chris also began studying dance in 1975 at The Oakland Ballet Academy. He performed from 1978-86 as a Principal/Soloist with Oakland Ballet, Cleveland Ballet, and Elliot Feld Ballet (NYC). He became a Certified Personal Fitness Trainer in 1988 through Personal Fitness & Bodywork Professionals Association. Chris studied at Laban Institute of Movement Studies in the Certified Movement Analyst Program, 1992-93 (NYC), and Precise Applications of Diverse One-on-One Training Techniques with Jeff Bell, 1997-98 (NYC).

Chris is unusual in his slowness to teach yoga. Aware of the immense responsibility when working with another’s body, he held back as long as he could. Yet he found that while working as a personal trainer in New York City, yoga was what he was primarily teaching. He returned California in 1999 to deepen his studies and eventually opened his studio, Studio Yoga 6 in Berkeley, California.

Chris feels Yoga is a deep unifier and liberator of spirit, heart, psyche, body, and mind. He is passionate about sharing the depth of his experience with his students. He uses his unique perception and understanding of movement to help students explore the subtle emerging rhythm of the body-mind and inner dialogues that arise with Yoga practice. We are so glad he is a part of the Yoga Anytime family.

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