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Asana Studies

Precision of detail has the capacity to hold the mind steady and allow her awareness to deepen until she can rest in the mystery. The asanas provide containers of seemingly limitless layers to be investigated. This collection of postural studies—a mixture of tutorials and practices—invites us to dive deep into these layers, exploring gross and subtle alignments and relationships within the body, breath, mind, and heart.

Season 1 - Chris Hoskins

Chris Hoskin's tutorials and practices offer an in depth study of alignment and its affect on the asanas. His precise and smooth guidance moves us in and out of postures with focused observance and mindful awareness.

Season 2 - Suniti Dernovsek

Yoga occurs in relationship, and Suniti invites us to join her in exploration. Her gentle guidance holds a quiet, investigative quality. Together we practice relating to the ground so we can better relate to the sky, become acquainted with the center so we can more wholeheartedly reach outward, and connect with ourselves so we can be more fully in community.

Season 3 - Padma Borrego

This season Padma offers a series of practices to promote healing and growth. Her first hand experience with injury directs her sequencing and allows her to help others find healing within their own practices.

Season 4 - Heidi Fokine

Moving with playful precision and curiosity, Heidi guides us through innovative practices to promote a sensation of freedom in the body, inviting us into an intimate relationship with Self.

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