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Thorald Koren

Thorald Koren


Thorald Koren’s honesty, search for truth, genuine curiosity, and kindness are changing our relationship with the sounds we make.

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Everyone is afraid to sing in front of others. But way before that, many of us are afraid to even speak from deep within ourselves, to tell the truth; it just feels too risky. Thorald teaches us how to allow our true expression to occur naturally and easily. The results are amazing.

Last year, his band, The Kin, toured with Pink. As a rockstar, Thorald’s been a voice coach to many big name performers, but lucky for us, he’s now being drawn to work with regular folk. The goal is not to make us into singers; Thorald has a genuine yearning to assist our interior navigation of self-doubt and terror and still speak up. A truly gifted teacher, he creates a safe container in which we can learn how to listen and share more clearly.

We have Sadie Nardini to thank for introducing us to Thorald. He joins Sadie on her show, Rock Yourself, as her voice coach, and together they share magical, never before seen moments in which Sadie allows her truer voice to be heard.

Thorald, his sweetheart Ashley Maher, and their daughter Willow live in Los Angeles.

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