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Rock Yourself

Punk rock yogini Sadie Nardini and mystic rockstar Thorald Koren take us on a journey deep into our core selves and share the tools necessary for honest, true, and courageous expression.

Season 1

In the first half of this season, Sadie offers asana practices to awaken our core selves and access the seat of our most deeply held truths. The honing of these skills in the body prepare us for the introduction of Thorald and the sounding games he has crafted to help us express our truth more clearly. Sadie braves her own sticking points of fear and uncertainty alongside us in hopes that together we might experience the power of our own vulnerability.


Robin K
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Where is Thorald? I went to someone who does 'human design' charts, and she asked me if I sang? She said that probably the most important thing that I would get out of our sessions was to open my throat, and that I should sing. I had been previously thinking that I should watch this series with Sadie and Thorald. My friend and I want to take this further....

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