Fall Ayurveda Yoga Challenge

With the turning of Autumn, the Ayurvedic wisdom encourages us to align with the seasons to experience radiant health, balance, and harmony. Together we move through five 1-hour practices weaving together asana, pranayama, meditation, and Ayurvedic rituals and routines. These practices are designed to nourish your whole being and create a sense of calm and stability.


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Katrina F
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Loved day 1!
Rosanna S
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Thank, Melina! I really enjoyed this challenge. Each day, I felt more relaxed, grounded and strong before I started. One question for you. Which seasonal practices do you recommend when the weather doesn't always match up with the season? Here in the bay area, it's often chilly and windy in June and July and hot and dry in late August through October. For example, this weekend in Berkeley, it'll be in the 90's so soup for breakfast doesn't seem right. Thanks!
Melina Meza
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Hi Rosanna ~ Fall season can be SO irregular (that is normal) so I like to have cooling practices in mind when its hot out and warming when its cool. My challenge does not in any way line up perfectly with FALL in all places ( :   So....when we get those heat waves, go slow and try and Summer series or WATER/EARTH classes I offer...and when its COLD, try the FIRE, flow classes to get your core temperature up. I have several classes in each series that use blocks as weights and those practices will also warm you up when you're feeling cold.  Keep the soup in the a.m. for when this heat wave passes!!!! Stay cool over there, I'm in Oakland and expecting mid-90's today!
Lauri K
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Thank you Melina. I absolutely love everything about your classes. Okay maybe not the no espresso lol. And the Kitchari recipe is delicious. Even my meat and potato husband liked it. And that is quite a feat!!

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