Winter Ayurveda Yoga Challenge

Together we’ll move through 1-hour dynamic and invigorating sequences to balance and nourish the Kapha dosha. Our asana, meditation, and Ayurvedic self-care rituals and routines are designed this season to increase metabolism and circulation, and to boost your immune system. You’ll feel grounded and radiant from inside out.


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Paula C
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Thank you Melina for these days   The progression was so nice for me , and the restorative day just before the end was a beautiful evening practice that I will keep! You got yourself a student fan :)
Hi Melinda I absolutely loved this challenge and repeated some of the days several times (especially Core Bright and Day 5). Thru just worked so well for me and I felt amazing after each practice. I’ll definitely be working through the siting and summer practices too!
Thank-you so much for your guidance, peace and well timed cues. I just loved it. Oh and Hi to little Mingus too xxx
Lou xxx

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