The 7-Day Handstand Challenge

There is no right way to Handstand, there’s only your way. Join Allison in The 7-Day Handstand Challenge and find your way to express this fun, inspiring, and empowering pose! Each day we explore what makes this posture so challenging, and so popular, learning to bear weight on our hands, kick up into the pose, and flow with it. Along the way we build upper body and core strength, and improve proprioception, endurance, and balance. So gather your props and let’s go on this journey together to discover your Handstand!


Cristina T
Hello, why i can't do the firts day? It's only the 1 min intro video that appear to me.
Melissa M
It says I'm on day 4, but won't unlock days 1-3.... 
Elizabeth M
Hi, Cristina T Melissa M - apologies for the confusion, you should be able to access the videos now! 

How are you liking the challenge?
Karolina W
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Allison, thank you so much. I truly enjoyed this challenge and it definitely improved my handstand. It wasn’t as easy as I thought, which is good, as I struggle to challenge myself alone. Well done! Loved it!
Polina M
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Loved the cues and preparation for each class, big thanks, Allison!
Polina M I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Hope you can check out season 1 & 2 of Discover Arm Balancing

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