Mindfulness in Motion 10-Day Yoga Challenge

When we focus our minds into our bodies, we can unlock a new perspective within this amazing human experience. The Mindfulness in Motion 10-Day Yoga Challenge is designed to invite attention into the structure and function of different regions of the body as a means of captivating the mind. In this 10 day challenge, we move through short, simple, but deep practices, exploring movement and sensation from our feet all the way up through our neck and shoulders. You will feel grounded, present, and inspired, with a renewed appreciation for your amazing body and unique experience. 


Jenny S
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Can't wait!  I LOVE your teaching style ❤️ Will have to wait until after Christmas for me as I'll have loved ones visiting, but this is something wonderful to look forward to!  Have a beautiful and blessed holiday ✨
Audrey C
the series was awesome, quamay has simple practices that allow for intense focus (but also keeps things funny and human). i will definitely return to these throughout the year either as a series or individual target areas. i liked starting the year off with such deep attention to detail. 

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