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Season 1 - Episode 12

Bonus Content: Body Scan

5 min - Practice


Release and let go of tension with this short bonus body scan. Quamay gets us settled into a relaxed position to go inward and focus on breath and sensation, cultivating awareness and presence you can bring into the rest of your day. You will feel soft, present, and reset.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hey, everybody. Alright. Thank you so much for joining. Alright. We're gonna approach practice a little differently today, but we're gonna take a simple body scan. And if you can, I'd invite you to a seat, or maybe you lay down or find a comfortable position wherever you are. As long as you can maintain a space, excuse me, maintain this space that you're in for a little over, maybe about 5 minutes, we'll go up too. Okay? But something that's not challenging to support yourself in. Okay?

And when you're ready, take your hands in a position that requires no effort. So maybe it's hands to the thighs maybe hands rest a little closer to the knees, right, maybe it's a move that our hand position that feels a little more supportive to sit with. And when you feel all settled, close your eyes, and then just take a moment to invite the attention inside the body for a moment. Especially if you've been focused a little outward in your day already. Alright. And I don't want you to change anything too much, but just start to notice anything that's present in the body, whether it's a specific feeling, It's a sensation in a specific region of the body, or maybe there's a thought that you're just nagging your mind right now. Again, just give all those things a little notice.

Good. Alright. And then slowly start to move your attention to the sea or whatever's connected to the ground. So just feeling like you can be a little firmer with the connection of your body and the mat or the floor. Alright? And maybe feel the sense of grounding this pushing down to lift up kind of feeling. Nice.

Right? And it let that give a little lift through the heart and the spine as well. So just, so just some extension throughout the entire mid body. Nice. Right. And as you lift and move the chest, maybe you feel the shoulders relaxed down and away from the ears. Alright. Giving yourself a little more space to release the neck. You can feel that length in room to let go.

Right. Not holding any attention in the jaw, not too much clenching in the teeth and mouth. But a space to relax the face, relax the eyes, any space where there might be some work held. Nice. Okay. And maybe we shift the focus a little more to the breath and the bottom.

Alright. And, again, not to alter anything, but just start to notice what you feel as you breathe in. And start to notice the sensation of breathing out. Okay. Do that one more time. Inhale big and just notice the feel into the nose and the chest. And then as you exhale, start to feel those spaces relax and soften as well.

Show this drop chest comes down, everything. Let's go. Alright. Keep that focus on the breath. We're gonna move through a little breathe and exercise just to extend on that rhythm. Right. So maybe next exhale, you press the air out.

Maybe you give yourself a little sound. You can s h maybe just. Good. Right? And as you inhale, slowly pull the breath of the notes for 1, 2, 3, 4. Go ahead and hold it at the top. Same amount of time for 2. 3.

4. Nice. Excel slowly for 4. 3, 2, 1, nice state empty. Same amount of time. 3. 2. Do that one more time.

Try to inhale as big as you can all the way into your chest fills. Nice. And then as you exhale, release the work, soften all the way down. Alright. So, right, maybe that pace feels nice. You can continue to silently count that into mind as you breathe. But let that ground your awareness in that movement of your breath.

And just remind yourself as you exhale that there's nothing to be helped, but there's a lot that you can release and let go. Nice. Slowly start to invite deeper inhale and exhale back in. Take one more big breath as a group. Okay. Feel this awareness.

Fill this presence. That you work to cultivate. And just let it be something that you don't leave here. Right? It's not something that's only found in this spot in space in your life and day. Alright. Let this awareness. Let this presence.

Let this energy be carried out through any activity you choose to put yourself into there. Alright. And I'm just grateful that we had a chance to create this together. No mistake.


Jenny S
Quamay!  Not sure how I missed this little gem from 2 1/2 years ago, but I’m so glad I practiced this today at last.  My monkey mind was off in a spiral and I needed a reset - STAT.  This was  the perfect timeout and I’m feeling much better, thank you 🙏🏻❤️

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