Rock Yourself Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Optimizing Core Relationship

35 min - Practice


Sadie inspires us deep into our center where our truth sits. With the intention of gathering our inner strength to support ourselves in our full expression, we move through a dynamic, playful sequence to access strength and brighten from deep within. We unwind and cool with a deep psoas stretch and easy bridge pose. You will feel resilient, happy, and connected inside.
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(waves crashing) Come on into your easy seat. Place on foot in front of the other. If that's the foot you always place in front, maybe switch it up a little bit. I already switched it, there you go. So we can balance.

Bring your hands to your belly here, and we'll begin with a core transformer breath. So inhale through the nose, and instead of expanding upward and getting tighter around the throat and the chest, drop the shoulders down. Inhale in that nice band as if you have a flame in the belly. Breathe down, and warm, and wide in all directions, 360 around the base of the ribs. See if you can even relax around to the back, around by the kidneys.

Inhale down, warm, and wide. Exhale, now give a next squeeze and lift from the root muscles, the pelvic floor muscles. Inward and upward, low belly will tone too. Press that breath out. Inhale down.

So the core being strong, not the outer core muscles, front sides and back, but also the deep core spinal muscles, like the psoas along the sides of the lumbar, and the quadratus lumborum along the back sides of the lumbar. Those are really, really important. They move the spine in all ways but on the spine, and for a lot of us, we don't reach them because we're too busy holding tight in the core, or being really weak in the outside. So let's inhale, make some space. Let the spine just lift upward.

Exhale, tone and build strength, inward and up through all the pelvic muscles, and up the spine, and the belly. Okay, inhale down. Exhale up. Inhale, plant your hands on your knees, open up the chest. Exhale, curl inside.

Let's warm up all the core muscles outside and in, and create what I like to call a belly bonfire together. Inhale, lean forward and up, and exhale. So I really want you to practice squeezing the pelvic floor muscles, those are AKA the bathroom muscles, in and up on every exhale. On every inhale you just make some more space and let it go. Exhale, squeeze and lift.

This will heat you up and give you really optimal digestion, detox, and metabolism too. Inhale, lean forward all the way up, and on the exhale, press your sitting bones down, and draw up fists of fire into the hips. Alright, inhale. Lean forward and up, and exhale, press down. So see my spine is nice and long, I'm not collapsing in that low back.

Inhale, lean forward and up. Reach the sky, fists of fire down so you're really planking the back. Back squeezing and lifting from the root muscles up. Inhale here, and exhale. Unwind your feet, plant your big toe mounds together.

You might wanna rest your feet lightly on the floor, or if you can keep them lifted, do that. Hang on, or Charlie's Angels mudra. All fingers interlaced except for the first one. Alright, inhale, lengthen out or you're tapping down. Exhale, squeeze pelvic muscles and draw the knees up.

Not so much grippy hip creases, but more from the root. Inhale and exhale. If you're up, just slide the legs out. Exhale. Inhale here, try to get taller through the spine from the base.

As you exhale, you will notice this will create that bonfire feeling, that heat, and that strengthening all inside the pelvis, all up the spine, around the spine, as well as the back and the abs. Exhale. Alright, slowly come back to center. Plant the feet together. Inhale, reach all the way up.

Exhale, plant the hands behind you this time. Inhale, lengthen the legs out. Turn both knees to the right. Squeeze them in but lengthen up through the spine and try to spin the heart toward the left, away from the knees. Inhale, lengthen.

Knees go one way, heart goes the other. Inhale. One hip twist. Exhale. Gonna warm up all these side waist and spinal muscles.

Exhale. Inhale. If this is a lot for you, you keep the feet down, keep the spine long, and just do a little bit. Exhale. Exhale.

Maybe a little bit faster now. Really pressing down through the pelvis a lot. So you're not losing that spinal support. Exhale, come to center here. Bring the feet back up.

This time you're coming down onto your forearms. Inhale here, and on the exhale kick your right foot out, draw the left knee in, and say ha! So this is really good for empowerment, will power, solar plexus activation. Inhale here, and switch. Ha! Good. Ha! Ha! Go for it.

Ha! A little bit faster. Ha! Ha! Ha! Keep going. Ha! Ha! Ha! See if you can go a little bit faster than that and wake the neighbors if you can. (laughs) Sorry neighbors. Ha! Ha! Ha! A little faster and then take a big, deep breath in, and just say ha! (laughing) As long as you can, as long as you can, and then to vasena. That's a belly bonfire, I bet you're feeling it now.

Inhale, reach all the way up. Good, exhale. Roll yourself down to the sacrum. Keep your shoulders lifted. Inhale, stretch the arms up.

You can either hang on to your legs, or press the floor, or not come back up. So feet can stay high or low. Inhale, lift up. Exhale. Should be warming up now.

Inhale and exhale. Good, inhale. Exhale, find that liquid element to the movement. Last one, rock and roll, there you go. Reach it up.

Exhale, roll it down. Keep your shoulders lifted. Inhale, reach overhead. Then plant your fingertips at the back of your skull, lightly. Inhale, open the elbows, and on your exhale, open the knees and curl in.

So again you're gonna squeeze up the pelvic floor muscles and low belly. Inhale here, butterfly navasana. Exhale, hug inside the legs. Inhale. Exhale.

Use the breath to deeply massage into that low belly so you can keep that heat going, that feeling of core intensity. Exhale. Waking up a deep center now. Inhale and exhale. Stretch the legs all the way up.

Either elbows or hands reach all the way up. There you go, jazz hands. (laughs) I like to do jazz hands whenever I can. Make fists. Lower the fists, core strength mudra. Press the big toe mounds together, and begin lowering down the legs.

Maybe bend the knees if that's a lot for your low back. There you go, and straight if you can. Almost to the floor. Take a breath in, lift the shoulders, lift the feet up a little higher. On your exhale relax all the way down to the earth.

Yowza. Alright, stretch your arms up over head. Stretch long through the feet. Let that fire spread around the body there, stretching the spinal muscles, the abdominal. Then exhale, hug the knees in to stretch out the back body muscles a bit more.

Make little, happy circles. Okay. Then slowly cross your ankles here. You'll find your way up to this one. So maybe you'll rock and roll, uncross the feet at the last moment, and find your rag doll position here.

Or you can find another way up. But join me here with feet wide, about sitting bone distance apart. Make fists here, put your fists in your opposite elbows. So you've got this ability now to really, with traction, let the low back and the side waist really drop and make that relaxation response. So fists in elbows allows the low back, and actually triggers it to release.

Maybe you can feel that. Lift the belly up a little bit, nice long wave through center, and fold. Press your feet to the earth, lift up through the belly. Nice and long, and relax. One more wave up from the earth.

Inhale and exhale down. Alright, release the hands completely. Bend the knees, sitting bones back so we're always making space there in the pelvis. On the exhale, you can try a pulse or two. Just start pressing through the feet, gathering up into that front spinal core, so we're not arching the back to come up.

That's really painful and stressful for the lumbar, not great to stress the core. So we wanna gather into our inner strength as we support ourselves to draw up. Then when you feel like you're ready after a few pulses, start to roll it up nice and gently. Then stretch your arms to the sky for your mountain pose. So you're really reaching in all directions from center.

You can hang onto one wrist, lift up, and stretch away from that wrist, so you get a nice stretch all down that side body. (inhales and exhales breath) Come back to center, reach up. Hug the opposite wrist, lift it up, and stretch away from it. There you go, it's the whole stretch down that side of that core body. Inhale here.

Exhale, interlace the hands behind you. So I want you to take the bent elbow variation this time. Roll the armpits back. Inhale here, and on your exhale, bend the knees very gently. Just begin the stretch here.

Breathing down into the rib cage, the belly, the pelvis. We're focusing there today. Exhale, relaxing the neck, relaxing the head. One more inhale. (inhales deeply) And exhale out. (exhales deeply) Relax the arms all the way down. Plant your fingertips down onto the floor.

Plant the palms really nice, and flat, and strong. Get used to this foundation, being mindful. Then step yourself back, downward facing dog. Here in downward facing dog, bend the knees, bend the elbows, and on your exhale, round up. Draw up into the front spine and roll yourself forward into plank pose.

So I want the pelvis really lifted. Put your knees down right now, lift the front of your low belly up, lift the top of your pelvis up so you have a nice stack there. Long heart, and then see if you can hold that to lift the knees. If not, if you drop out like that, forget about it as we say in Brooklyn. Forget about it.

Keep the pelvis really lifting and the spine long. Alright, we'll take a deep breath in here. On the exhale start to lower down toward chaturanga. So about here I do want you to put your knees down to keep the belly really lifted. Point the toes and maintain the shoulders above elbow height.

So that's a lot of info, but you just don't wanna drop down like that. Not great for your shoulders. Keep them lifted, inhale. On the exhale press down, roll up along that front spine. So you kind of unfurl yourself into your cobra here, and exhale it down. (exhales deeply) Inhale, breathe into that core body all the way around.

(inhales deeply) Exhale, roll in and up. (exhales deeply) Deep breath here. (inhales deeply) Exhale it down, take it slow. No hurry. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale.

See if you can expand out and stretch the belly. Exhale it down. Inhale here. Exhale, roll in and up. Take a breath in, stretch out the front belly.

Lengthen through the back. On your next exhale I want you to keep your knees down this time, lift up through the front spine and belly. So you're not lifting through the low back, but here. Use that to transition you back into dog. Bend knees, bend elbows here.

Look a little bit forward. This will become important in a moment as we go towards a super adventure pose today using that core and arm strength. Inhale back. Exhale, press the arms straight. Lift up and squeeze up through the pelvic floor, low belly.

Inhale, bend knees back, bend elbows back, and hug them in so you're not out here like this, tweaking the wrists. On your exhale press through the hands. Lift up through that front belly. Lift up though the pelvic muscles. Inhale back and exhale.

That's called a plank pulse, and that's what we want for now. Alright, inhale here, bend back. On your exhale press down to your earth. Lift the right leg sky high, down dog splits. On the exhale bend everything in, roll knee to chest.

This time we're going to spin that knee over to the left. Oh that's fun. (laughs) Spin the knee over to the left. Put the back foot down on the floor, and try stretching the leg out. This is your core strength, your muscle meridian. Inner thighs, very important part of it.

That deep core body, try to lift the foot as high as you can, maybe even the left arm will lift if you're ready for that today. Then slowly, knee back up into the chest. Do your best and put the right foot down to the floor at the right thumb. Breathe. (exhales deeply) I know you're lovin' me up so much right now, thank you so much for all your beautiful energy. I feel it. (laughs) Inhale, lengthen.

On the exhale bend the back knee. Press up just halfway. Inhale back down. Exhale, press and start rolling up a little bit through that front belly. We're not pressing out the low back, but we're supporting the healthy spine as we now exhale together.

Start to come up like kitty cat paws up the front spine. That's what this feels like to get your pelvis in alignment. Then reach and stretch from there without losing the core. So draw that front pelvis in and up. Stretch long, inhale here.

Exhale, fists of fire. (exhales deeply) Good, inhale, lift. You can stretch the legs if you like that. Exhale. Get back to the breath. Inhale down, warm, and wide, and best you can here.

Then exhale, give a nice squeeze from the pelvic muscles upward as you do this. Inhale up. Exhale, squeeze and lift. (exhales deeply) One more. (inhales deeply) (exhales deeply) Good, inhale all the way up, and on your exhale, bring your hands to your heart at namaste, and I sneak attack this back foot down to the floor. Did you see it? So you just gently put it down where it's supposed to be for you.

It'll just go down. Inhale, diving warrior. Dive inside your front knee here, and on the exhale, lift through the belly and stretch. Can be a little movement or deeper. Inhale down.

Exhale. (exhales deeply) Inhale. (inhales deeply) Exhale, so really working this side waist a lot. The obliques, the side of the spine. Exhale, and stretching. One more time. Inhale. (inhales deeply) Exhale. (exhales deeply) Back hand on the back thigh.

Bend the back knee as you exhale. Sweep down to the earth. Spin and open your heart up to the sky. Stretch the arm over, bend a little deeper, or if you're sick of that front leg burning (laughs) you can straighten it now. Alright, inhale.

Get long from the pelvis, and on your exhale, cartwheel all the way down to the floor. Step yourself back, nice, strong dog. Now we can flow. You kinda know the deal. Bend knees, bend elbows.

Exhale, lift the belly, roll forward, plank. Begin to lower toward chaturanga. Put the knees down, belly up, and lower down with shoulders up. So we'll save the shoulders forever. Inhale here.

Exhale, press down. Roll up into your pose. Inhale, stretch. On the exhale, knees can stay down or you can try the psoas and core strengthener, I like to call pointed plank. So you can exhale, press the hands down.

Lift the front spine upward. Then step over one foot, and then the other nicely, down dog. Alright, here we go, you ready? Inhale, bend. Exhale, press.

Inhale, left leg lifts. Exhale, knee comes into the chest. Here we go. Nice super adventure moment. Sweep that knee over to the right, put the back foot down like a warrior.

See if you can stretch the leg out. Maybe right hand to the waist. If that is just totally crazy for you right now, then you can do it on hands and knees and do your best there. Alright, otherwise your holding, holding, holding. Try to lift the leg a little higher.

Inner thigh strengthening, so important. Stretch the right arm up. Here we go, exhale. Turn the back heel up. Left knee to chest, and step.

I affectionately call that a shock you bomb. Inhale, lengthen the spine. Exhale, bend and pulse. Inhale. (inhales deeply) Exhale. (exhales deeply) Just trust the way that your floor and your core need to communicate to lift you up into freedom. When you're ready, you're up there, lighter, more centered.

Inhale here. Exhale. (exhales deeply) Use this to reactivate the pelvic floor in every exhale. There you go. (inhales and exhales deeply) Get a little more fierce with it. One more.

(inhales and exhales deeply) Good, inhale, reach up. Now exhale, bring the hands to the heart. Lean forward a little bit and put your back foot down organically on the floor. Inhale, higher or lower. Exhale, to the side.

Inhale. (inhales deeply) Exhale. (exhales deeply) According to where your body needs to be right now as you're warming up, you can stay higher if you want. Inhale. (inhales deeply) Exhale, back hand to your back waist or thigh. Circle, and I want you to bend. So I want you to get close to the earth, but draw inward through the front belly as you open up and stretch. Maybe front leg if you're in the mood.

On your exhale circle it all the way down. Plant the hands, lift the belly, downward facing dog. Nice job. Alright, inhale here. Bend elbows and knees.

Exhale, roll forward, plank. On your exhale keep the pelvis and belly really lifting. Plant the knees down, shoulders high. I call that one diagonal chaturanga, it's really nice for the shoulder joints. Still strengthens the arms a lot.

On the exhale roll in and up to your cobra. If you wanna go higher, you can press the arms straighter. Feet down, knees and thighs brush. Collar bone's about parallel to the floor. Yeah, check that out, 'cause often we're like this.

So open that up, inhale. On the exhale pointed plank or knees down. Transition to dog. Inhale through the nose here. Exhale, stick your tongue out.

(exhales deeply) You can express yourself. If you want a couple times. (exhales and yells) Nice for jaw and throat tension. From here, walk your feet together. Press the big toe mounds.

Come down to your knees, walk back, and if you prefer a little rest in child's pose here then, hey, be my guest. That feels good. But I'm gonna just chat with you for a moment through our next move. So we've been kind of building up to this. Squeeze your wrist, squeeze your forearms out.

(exhales deeply) Alright, so if you're resting in your child's pose by this time, just take another breath. Release it and come on up. As you watch me, let's multitask, and stretch out the back of the feet, thereby stretching the whole back body line and releasing out that tension along the calves, the quads, and the low back. So if you're a toe pointer all the time, you sit, do the opposite. I know, you might have to come forward a little bit.

But breathe. Okay, so here's what we're gonna do, a little shakti kicking. This will help you to find that freedom to float forward. If it's in your practice, and I bet it is because we'll be starting from the ground up. So variation one, knees down.

You'll inhale, bend the elbows back. You'll exhale, press down, and squeeze, and lift the belly. Just like that, great for arm strengthening, great for core strengthening. If you can inhale back here in dog with bent knees, and exhale, piked plank like we did. Press the floor a lot, lift up through the belly and pelvis.

I can't tell you enough, if you do not bend the elbows a lot, you're not gonna get half the power in this pose. You need to really bend and press straight to let physics work for you. So, final variation should you choose it. Inhale back. Exhale, I want you to press the hands down, lift the belly and pelvic muscles upward.

See if you can bring the feet into your sitting bones a little bit more completely. (exhales deeply) Hands pressed down, belly and pelvis lifts. That's gonna give you, and I'm pulling these muscles inward and upward as I'm pressing down into the earth. Commitment, dedication, core strength. That's what we want here. Let's try three to five hops or pulses in your way together.

I'll cue the breath. Alright, so set yourself up. If you're up here, big toe mounds together and press, so inner thighs will get stronger, and strengthen the pelvic floor too. They're all connected. Inhale, bend back.

Exhale, pulse or jump one. (exhales deeply) Inhale, bend, bend, bend way back. Exhale, press down, lift through the pelvic muscles. I'd rather see you hop less and bend more at first so you really get that courage down. Then exhale, lift up if you can. Maybe hop yourself forward a little more lightly.

I'm just saying, today or soon. Alright, inhale. Wave the belly and spine long. Exhale, bend the knees and fold. Bend the knees here, sitting bones way back.

On your exhale slowly roll yourself up. Roll, roll, roll. Stretch your arms to the sky. Hands to your heart at namaste. Oh my gosh, can you feel that?

It's getting so hot. So this is coming from your core center. Alright, squeeze it out, hug it out. Get ready. Last little moment here.

So we'll go to the core and then we'll rest it out and feel amazing. Deep breath in. Exhale it out. (exhales deeply) Bend your knees, and on the exhale begin to draw that power up from the earth through your center, and up into full expression. On the exhale bend and fold. Play the edge of stretch in your legs.

Lift the belly, wave the spine nice and long. Traction on the shins or underneath the shoulders in front of you. On the exhale plant the fingertips, the palms. Step back, downward facing dog. So this time walk the big toe mounds together.

Bend the elbows, inhale here, and see if you can take a nice, easier hop, lighter hop to sit. So it's totally up to you how you do that. It can be nice, and graceful, and very slow, and chill. I'm a fan of chill. So once you come back and come to sit, I'm always giving myself that wrist massage when I use my hands.

Alright, so here we are. Bring the hands onto the knees. Inhale, full circle. Exhale, curl in. Inhale, forward and up.

Exhale. Inhale, stretch. Then let's twist to one side. Lengthen up through the spine, and exhale. Now let's do a slightly longer hold here, so you can really get back into that core transformer breath.

Instead of this. (breaths quickly) Right? We don't sing from there either. Uh, oh, hi, oh yeah, I'm Sadie. Um, trust me. I'm in my core.

I'm in my power. Not so much, maybe. So inhale down. Exhale, hug and lift. That's where you speak from.

That's where you root from. That's where you center from. That's where you speak a little more like the yoga Barry White from, you know what I'm saying? Okay, inhale up. Exhale, spin.

(laughing) Inhale, reach forward and up. Hey, yoga should be fun. Exhale. Inhale, lengthen. Exhale, squeeze.

So whether you're singing or speaking, you're breathing to really root into that truth, that satya that's found in your center place, and to clear the channel on the exhale for full expression of it. So we reach it on the inhale, we make room and space. Then we exhale, we hug into ourselves, we express that out. Inhale. (inhales deeply) Exhale. (exhales deeply) Good, let's come to center. One more neutralizer.

Reach up to the sky. Exhale, bring the fists to the side waists. Alright, last little moment here, and then we'll rest. Reach your arms forward, Charlie's Angels mudra. Bring your feet, big toe mounds come to touch.

Alright, so here's what it's gonna look like. Big toe mounds come to touch. Charlie's Angels mudra hands. Inhale, lean forward but breathe down and wide in all directions. On the exhale, goddess savasana.

So draw up with knees wide. Inhale, stretch it out. But use that for full expansion on the breath from the inside, exhale, squeeze and lift from the root. Inhale. Exhale.

Keep going. So if you're always breathing up into the chest in life, in yoga, you get that kind of airy sensation and beingness. We don't ever really touch the depth, and that's physical too. We want to get into all the optimization of your digestion, your cleansing, your reproductive organs, and the metabolism needs to get nice and efficient. All that stuff happens down there.

So we're gonna exhale and get in. Inhale, and make that space, exhale. Inhale, reach all the way up. Now, yogi's choice, hands to the heart. You'll do it with no hands ma that's one way.

Otherwise hang on here or do less, like that, something like this. Alright, so here inhale down a little more. Exhale up. Here, balance, stretch, and exhale back to center. Inhale, we'll do it together.

Exhale. Straight up navasana pulses. Exhale. Lower high for you. Exhale, three more.

(inhales and exhales deeply) Alright, now we're gonna hold and dedicate to that core center. You might have the heels down and reaching up, or hanging on, or not. You'll know for your body. Don't push it, but do go to an edge of transformation here. Make core strength mudra if your hands are free, core strength mudra.

Press them down by your legs. Squeeze the big toe mounds together. Inhale, lift up a little bit higher. Exhale, lower one inch. Oh my gosh, uh uh.

Inhale, life a little higher. That's it, exhale lower. Last one, inhale. Lift, lift, lift, lift, lift. Exhale. (exhales deeply) Relax all the way down to the floor.

Wow, amazing work today at the core. Let's stretch it out. Reach your arms up. Reach long through the legs, through your center. On the exhale bend the knees.

Now if you have a yoga block by you, or you could get a couch cushion, I want you to take the block, lift your hips up, and plant the block the long way so you feel pretty stable. It could be lower, could be middle. I wouldn't go super high on this one. So we'll stretch out the deeper spinal muscles of the psoas that go from the upper inner thighs all the way up across the pelvis and under the organs of the spine. Such a funky, fabulous muscle.

What I want you to do here is stretch your legs out from the block, draw the navel down a little bit, and reach your arms over head. See if you can start to wiggle your feet a little longer. Keep that navel lightly down so you're not over arching in the back, and just breathe lightly, subtly. Or maybe you'll feel more of a sensation along the sides of your spine or hips. Give yourself that challenge and chance to release out some long standing tension in the only muscle that bridges your legs to your spine.

So this is truly foundation to core work, and the muscle that goes right by your adrenal glands and your kidneys. So giving yourself this chance to chill out and empower. Take three deep inhales and exhales here. (inhales and exhales deeply) If you feel yourself release a bit more then just kinda creep the feet longer, even the shoulders a little longer, and head. (inhales and exhales deeply) One more inhale.

Exhale it out. (exhales deeply) See if you can release some profound areas that we hold here, could be fear, could be I'm not enough-ness, could be lack. In its place arises joy, and love, peace, and compassion, and enough-ness, and solidity within. That's how you set yourself free, by the way. That core relationship optimizing. Lift your hips up off the block.

Interlace your hands behind you. Draw the shoulders under but not down. See if you can keep them up at neutral instead of always this way down like that. That's stressful for the throat. So if we're expressing, we don't want to be too confrontational there.

This is nice and opening, let the energy flow here in bridge pose. Deep inhale. Exhale it out. You can practice breathing around the base of the ribs, even here. Even the back and exhale.

One last inhale here. On the exhale release it all the way to the earth. Windshield wiper the knees from side to side. Then when you're finished, let's begin to stretch the legs out. If you need anything else, hugging the knees in, or goddess position for example, do that.

But join me here when you can in shavasana, final rest. Let's just inhale three times to that belly, that center of you. So inhale down. Try to make some light space, maybe the fire burns a little brighter. Exhale, relax away into the earth through the mouth. (exhales deeply) Inhale nose or mouth, brighten up.

Expand the entire low ribs, the entire belly, and even the pelvis. Exhale, release it. (exhales deeply) One more inhale. So we progressively deepen through layers of relaxation. Exhale it out. (exhales deeply) Then rest here with me. Shoulder blades lightly under, tailbone lightly under.

Let the breath go, let the throat relax. Let's take a few inhales and exhales just organically. So you're allowing yourself to be breathe, more than thinking about directing the breath or what to do. Maybe just be more now. Sink into that center relationship with yourself from which all others flow and will become dysfunctional or functional appearing as if by magic when you are dysfunctional or functional with yourself.

Comes from you, you're the source. So get back in there, come home, and enjoy for the next few moments here. You can of course feel free to stay here as long as you want. I encourage three to five minutes to let your fascia, your body, and your muscles cool down and reset into a new mold of transformation. So you can press pause and then return to me, or just be here through the talk.

Otherwise stretch your arms up overhead. Lengthen long through the feet, long through the spine, and center. Relocating yourself from only mind or from only others back into you, back into this middle ground. From that place, roll over to one side. Find the earth beneath you.

Press down into this ground. Begin to roll up through center. So give yourself that soft, supple nature to the belly. That resilience, it needs to be strong. Then return to your easy seat.

Place one hand to your heart, one hand to the belly once you arrive. Remembering that not all relationship comes from up here, the source relationship comes from down lower, so pouring, and nourishing in, being you, it's a full time job of every day. So how can you spend that much time with yourself? Get interested, and have that life long love affair from which all other joy springs and flows? Take a deep breath down and in.

On your exhale bring your fists to the belly. Bow forward and seal this practice deeply into your center. Namaste.


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Fantastic! Great way to start my Monday as I finally get back into my yoga practice. Thank you, Sadie.
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Just what I needed, thank you.
Simon ?
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Feeling strong after this one. Bless you.
Johanna L
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Wow, still new at yoga and discovering everything, I loved the "dive", have never tried it before, will definitely do that aging, it felt good Namaste from Sweden.
Frederic M
Thank you so much Sadie! This is a fantastic core & alignment practice!
Erika H
Loving this! Every time I take a "root breath," I'm going to hear Sadie's Barry White Yoga Voice.
Christel B
Feeling the energizing! Feeling wide awake and ready to go now.
Phuong E
Thank you for your beauty, humor, and ferocity.
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Wow! Loved the power of this practice. I will incorporate it into my repertoire of favourite practices!

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