Rock Yourself Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Optimizing Core Relationship

35 min - Practice


Sadie inspires us deep into our center where our truth sits. With the intention of gathering our inner strength to support ourselves in our full expression, we move through a dynamic, playful sequence to access strength and brighten from deep within. We unwind and cool with a deep psoas stretch and easy bridge pose. You will feel resilient, happy, and connected inside.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Fantastic! Great way to start my Monday as I finally get back into my yoga practice. Thank you, Sadie.
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Just what I needed, thank you.
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Feeling strong after this one. Bless you.
Wow, still new at yoga and discovering everything, I loved the "dive", have never tried it before, will definitely do that aging, it felt good Namaste from Sweden.
Thank you so much Sadie! This is a fantastic core & alignment practice!
Loving this! Every time I take a "root breath," I'm going to hear Sadie's Barry White Yoga Voice.
Feeling the energizing! Feeling wide awake and ready to go now.
Thank you for your beauty, humor, and ferocity.

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