The Yoga of Motherhood

The true practice of yoga happens off the two-by-four foot yoga mat and in the experiences and relationships of day-to-day life outside the yoga room. According to many moms, this never seems more apparent than in the practice of motherhood. The practice of breathing when your baby pukes on your new favorite shirt or you step on a lego on the yoga mat that hasn't actually been used for months. The practice of being present with your child when you have a million other things begging for your attention. The practice of acceptance when you can't be super mom and 'get it all done.' The practice of supporting and seeing your own mom through an illness and learning what it means to truly let go.
Here are some honest, hilarious, touching, and raw accounts of how the yoga practices of these Yoga Anytime moms and daughters have morphed and what it means to truly show up and live your practice.
Water Birth in a Handstand
Just because you're a yogi, doesn't mean you are going to give birth in a golden bathtub in the middle of an enchanted forest while chanting OM.
Being Present with Children
Yoga happens in the challenging moments. Moms share how to stay present (and sane) amidst the chaos.
Yoga at Home With Little Ones
The days of peaceful, quiet, uninterrupted yoga practices are over, moms.
Honoring My Mother
Cheri Clampett shares her journey of being with her mom through her battle with Alzheimer's disease—meeting her where she was, feeling the pain to heal, and remembering the love.
My Littlest Guru
When children become your best yoga teacher.
(Photo credit: Sonnie Trotter, Video Credit: Jeff Mizushima)
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Sarah Beston

Sarah is a yoga teacher and writer based in Los Angeles, California. You can practice with her on Yoga Anytime in The Heart's Delight, 30-Minute Yoga Flows, and The Vinyasa Show.


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