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Season 3 - Episode 4

Crow Pose Tutorial

10 min - Tutorial


Robert leads us through a few mobility and strengthening exercises in preparation for Bakasana (Crow Pose) before a step-by-step tutorial of how to get into and hold the pose.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Apr 04, 2017
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I really want to learn the crow pose but I have super tight thigh muscles and can't seem to get my curl tight enough. I can balance for some seconds. Will my tight thigh muscles prevent me from doing this pose or should I keep trying?
Hey there Curtis! How are you? Have you been practicing other videos as well? How is your body feeling?
I would say that if you continue to practice the Yoga sequences, your hips will gradually open up enough to gain more range of motion for crow:) Unless there's some anatomical bone structure preventing the 'curl' as you mention, you should be fine, it just may take a bit. The knees don't have to go up too high, just high enough to reach the elbows or outer edge of elbows, then press elbows/arms into legs and legs into arms to create stability and you may find some success. Give it a try, keep practicing and definitely keep me posted!! Robert
I practice yoga weekly. Started doing stretches for tight thigh/and or hip muscles. Also was told by pilates teacher that I have weak core so I will start regular core training. But thanks for your response. I will continue practicing with your video daily. Will advise when I can finally do the pose.
Practiced crow pose intermittently from what I learned on your tutorial. For some reason I was afraid to practice daily. They teach 3 levels of yoga practice at my local YMCA. They don't teach styles per say. But I attended the advance yoga class today. I promised myself that I would not do that class again until I could do the crow pose. But I went today unprepared I thought. But when we did the crow, I did it the whole time. I never lost balance and it was actually quite easy. Thank you for this tutorial.
This is great to hear Curtis !!!
I guess the hard work and practice has paid off for you! So glad the crow tutorial was helpful my friend 👍
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It's been decades since I did crow. I like the warm up, really feel my core. I need to use 2 blocks, and can barely get my feel lifted due to pain in my wrists. Is there anything I can do to help with the wrist problem? I love the feeling of being inverted, grateful for your gentle teaching🌾
Hi Joan! Good day to you✌️
I hear you on the wrist issue, it’s super common and a real bummer when trying to get into these postures. Try rolling a mat or blanket and placing the heels of your palms on the lifted edge, the idea being to minimize the angle of the flex of the wrist joint. So basically your fingers and upper palm (finger pads) touching ground, heel of palm on lifted surface:) Try that and the other tips in tutorial and lmk how it goes!!
Hi Robert, thanks for your suggestion for my wrist/arthritis issue. I will try this and carry on. Be well
Yahoo! Thank you Robert. I finally got into a block assisted crow. My feet actually came off the floor together and I stayed there until you told me to come down. I was always afraid of wiping out. I have all tile and know that a crash landing in this environment could create a problem.

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