Everything You Need to Know about Chair Yoga

An active lifestyle is proven to promote healthy habits, enhance mood, and prevent injury. As we age or need extra support in our Yoga practice, using a Chair can help you move with confidence, comfort, and ease.

What are the benefits of Chair Yoga?

Many of the benefits associated with a consistent Yoga practice can be attained through Chair Yoga. Some of Yoga's positive effects include improving strength, flexibility, balance, and mobility, as well as reducing tension, alleviating chronic pain, and injury prevention. The Chair, like any other prop, is there to assist and support you in your Yoga practice.

What kind of Chair do I need?

We recommend a sturdy Chair with no armrests or wheels, such as a dining room Chair. To ensure proper alignment, your thighs should be parallel to the floor so that you feel stable, grounded, and in control of your movement.

If your knees are pointing upward or downward when seated in your Chair, place a folded Blanket underneath your seat or beneath your feet.

For more tips, check out our Chair Tutorial with Karen Kelly.

Is Chair Yoga safe?

Generally, Chair Yoga is considered to be lower risk and lower impact compared to other styles of Yoga. If you are pregnant or rehabilitating from an injury, Chair Yoga may be a suitable option for you. Nonetheless, we recommend you consult a doctor or physical therapist to clear you for exercise.

Is Chair Yoga good for seniors?

As a Chair provides extra support, seniors can feel more comfortable enjoying the benefits of Yoga. Along with improving mobility and balance, the Chair can make intimidating moves such as Downward Facing Dog, Triangle, and Warrior poses (to name a few) more accessible. Furthermore, Yoga is known for reducing chronic pain, such as arthritis, commonly found amongst aging populations.

Does Yoga Anytime have Chair Yoga classes?

Absolutely! In addition to our Chair Yoga show with Karen Kelly, we have 100+ Chair classes, most of which are Beginner and Intermediate levels.

Have you tried any of our Chair Yoga classes? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Heather McPherson
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Heather McPherson

Heather McPherson is the Social Media Coordinator for Yoga Anytime. She is an avid musician, writer, and traveler, who enjoys practicing yoga regularly. She resides in Los Angeles, CA.


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