Faithful Yoga Companions

Coco showing Zoe how its done.

If you have pets, they are most likely a part of your home practice. So it seems totally natural that they have become a part of Yoga Anytime’s home yoga videos.

Today, Coco joined Zoe Ho all the way from Singapore to assist in the sharing of the yoga lessons. Sometimes she demonstrates total ease. Sometimes she supports through small licks of Zoe’s hand. Sometimes she wanders off just like mind.

Absolutely key was covering her sensitive ears to the loud clap of the slate.

We would love to hear about how your pets help you practice.

Stay close.


Kristi C
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A friend just sent me this wonderful video on this very topic! So cute!
Pets Interrupting Yoga
Kira Sloane
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Oh we love that video, Kristi!!! Thank you for sharing here! xo kira

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