Yoga Anytime Gives $5,000 Love is Real Fellowship

Uschi and the women of UWE
Yoga Anytime presented Uschi Gibson with the first Love is Real Fellowship at Lulu Bandha’s International Ojai Yoga Crib on October 24, 2014. This begins Yoga Anytime’s generous commitment to assisting yogis everywhere on their hearts’ journeys.
The practices of yoga are designed to help us see clearly. As we are graced with small glimpses of the intimacy of the Cosmos, we are deeply called to be of proper use in our global community. This compulsion feels like our own personal heart’s path and is simultaneously tapped into the shared human longing for Connection. The Love is Real Fellowship recognizes this call as a natural result of a yoga practice and is designed to encourage and support this next important step.
Uschi Gibson works with village women in India outside Varanasi within the rural communities of Sarai Mohana, Rajapur, and Kotuma. Her program is called Unit for Women’s Empowerment (UWE). The intention of UWE is to inspire women to discover their creativity, recognize their resourcefulness, and create work that generates income for them which will allow them more autonomy within their traditional homes. Uschi moved to India seven years ago and learned the language and customs of Varanasi and its outlying villages. Her efforts have allowed so many young village women to shine in ways never imagined. Simultaneously, her strength, dedication, and kindness have nurtured the desire to go deeper and dream bigger in so many of us.
Yoga Anytime is grateful to be a part of such a dedicated effort and through the Love is Real Fellowship committed $5,000 to assist the expansion of Uschi’s vision.
We will launch The Love is Real Show and application for next year’s Love is Real Fellowship on February 14, 2015. The show is designed to support this leap within us. The episodes will share stories from other yogis, practices to align, and a tool kit of practical skills. We hope to inspire courage and facilitate the learning necessary for the feet and hands to follow the Heart. Stay close. Self Awareness is a group endeavor and we are in this together.


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