Mandala Yoga Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 3

Elements of the Practice

35 min - Practice


Grow your practice. Jennifer shares foundational movements, guiding us in a practice with a beginner's mind. We begin with breath awareness, and then move through a fundamental sequence with attention to detail, which allows us to check in with what's happening internally. You will feel aware and alive.
What You'll Need: Mat


(gentle ocean waves) Namaste. This particular series, I use every time I come to my mat, and what I want to be sure I do as I move into my practice, is check to see what's happening in...


thank you, Jennifer ~ made me feel conscious of every part of a body. Perfect practice which fills you with beautiful light of love and peace
I'm so glad you liked it Mar Tina. Thanks very much for your feedback. It helps me grow! :) Would you try them all?
My first YogaAnytime session, Excellent! Presence, Oneness. Bless you Jenn.
That was perfect for a Saturday afternoon.
Thank you so much.
I loved it!
Thank you Sarahloves!! Thank you GigiMotley! It's great to hear that all is well! Was interesting to watch myself talk about it. We can't see ourselves when we're sharing what we love. It's a shame really. :) Take care!
Thanks Jennifer. Great practice to wake up body and awareness!
What a lovely way to begin this day! Much gratitude and love, Mary
Wow, thanks Mary. I'm glad you are enjoying it. And you too Frederic. You could become an expert on my material at this point! I think you know it better than most! And thank you very much Sarasloves. Fantastic. And of course, Gigi. Yay, you are watching! XOXO
Thank you, Jennifer, for the practice! I really enjoyed it. :) Thanks for the in-depth tips. I especially love the sayings at the end of each session: "may our words improve upon silence and may we be the change we wish to see". I feel so inspired every time!
Thanks so much Suzie. At some point I'd like to have a tshirt made, although that phrase is a bit long. I've been saying that at the end of every class for nearly ten years. Glad you loved it!!
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