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Season 9 - Episode 1

An Introduction to Pronouns

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Anuradha welcomes us to this season of Mother Tongue, introducing us to the concept of sanskrit pronouns and introducing us to her guru, who will join us on the pronoun journey this season.
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Mar 18, 2016
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Namaste, Swagatam, and I'm so happy to be back with you again, coming together to explore the beauty of this language that is Sanskrit. One of the things that is very remarkable about Sanskrit is that it is very precise in the way it represents the world. Now taking the case of pronouns, in English when we use the pronoun he, we don't really get a picture about where the person is. You just have an idea of the gender of the person and on the other hand if you say this is a friend, we have no clue about the gender of the person. It could be a man or a woman or any other.

In Sanskrit however, the word, the pronoun indicates to us these details about what we are talking. So if I say saha, the picture that comes in our mind is that it's a male object or person and that it is at a distance. So we'll discover this together. I have invited a few friends with us on the studio and together we'll discover how the pronouns are in the masculine, feminine and the neuter, the three genders that are there in the Sanskrit language. I'd like to share with you a special friend, my guru, whom I will invite on the show.

That's Sri Aurobindo, one of the greatest seers of the last century. I'm very happy to have him on set and I'm sure together we'll discover these different precisions of the Sanskrit language.


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