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Mother Tongue Artwork
Season 9 - Episode 6

Feminine Prounouns

5 min - Tutorial
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Anuradha, with the help of Alana, explains and demonstrates the intricacy of the feminine pronoun in the Sanskrit language.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Apr 01, 2016
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Namaste. Happy to be back with you again. We just looked at the way the masculine pronoun in the singular is said. Next, we will do it in the feminine. I'm so happy to have with us Alana. Thank you very much for being here, for accepting to be on the show. So I have a very beautiful model with me here and we'll see how it sounds. So here we have Alana. Now if I move away from her, I would say Sa Alana. She has a perfectly Sanskrit sounding name. It ends with an A which indicates the feminine gender as we've seen. So Sa Alana. Sa Alana. Stay along with me. Sa Alana. The question? Ka Alana. And the answer? Sa Alana. The feminine gender is actually a very easy one to remember because what happens when you watch a woman is especially when it's a very beautiful woman, your jaw drops open naturally. So it's like ah. And that's how you know that you're talking about the feminine gender now. So we have Sa Alana. Yeah? Ka Alana. Who Alana? Sa Alana. That is Alana. Got that? That is Alana. Sa Alana. Beautiful. And now when you go close, as we saw with the masculine case as well, it becomes Esha Alana. Esha Alana. Yeah? Do you got that? So when it is far, it would be Sa Alana. And when we come close, it becomes Esha Alana. Just note that when we add the vowel A before the Sa, the sound Sa undergoes a modification and it becomes Sha. So Esha Alana. Great. I'll show it also with this picture of Saraswati. In India, she's the goddess of knowledge and it is with her grace that any of all this will happen. Any knowledge would flow through us. So it's again a privilege to have the goddess present on the show. We have the goddess of the heavens and we have the goddess of the earth. How lucky are we? Alright. So we have Sa Alana and Esha Saraswati. Sa Alana. That is Alana and Esha Saraswati. This is Saraswati. The feminine ending of the A and the E has to be remembered. Alright.

So do practice that. Maybe as a last exercise, you can become me. So close your eyes and imagine that you are in my place. And we will point out to Alana. That is Alana. And what would you say? Sa Alana. Imagine that I'm standing now close to the picture. You have become me and this would be Esha Saraswati. This is Saraswati. Got that? Beautiful. Thank you.


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