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Mother Tongue Artwork
Season 9 - Episode 8

Pronouns: Near and Far

5 min - Tutorial
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Anuradha, with the help of Alana and Clark, look at the feminine, masculine, and neuter pronouns for 'near' and 'far' in Sanskrit.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Apr 08, 2016
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Namaste and welcome back again. We've looked at the pronouns in the masculine gender, the feminine as well as the neuter. Now let's try and combine them and see how much you can follow. So practice along. Alana saha klar kaha saha klar kaha that is Clark. If I had to ask you who is Clark kaha klar kaha saha klar kaha and I always find it helpful to show so if you teach the body the language you remember it much easier. So if you show like far away so saha klar kaha do that saha klar kaha uttamam. So I'll ask you the question who is Clark kaha klar kaha saha klar kaha fantastic. Now we go close to him and that we have seen becomes ka. So ee shaha klar kaha ee shaha klar kaha this is Clark who is Clark kaha klar kaha ee shaha klar kaha brilliant again kaha klar kaha ee shaha klar kaha fantastic. Alana this is Clark ee shaha klar kaha Clark this is Alana ee shaa Alana ee shaa Alana and if I had to ask you who is Alana kaa Alana you would say ee shaa Alana so let's try that I ask you and you reply kaa Alana ee shaa Alana perfect one smoke for everybody kaa Alana ee shaa Alana perfect now I request Alana to step back again outside yeah once she goes far you would say that is Alana saw Alana saw Alana if I asked you kaa Alana saw Alana perfect saw Alana it's a bit like a snake hissing beautiful snake so saw Alana saw Alana beautiful thank you did you get that so if the feminine object is far you would say saw Alana if she was near it would be ee shaa Alana and the question is kaa Alana it's always the jaw open for the woman and Alana you remember if the man is far or the masculine object or person is far you would say saha Clark aha saha Clark aha if he comes near it would be ee shaa Clark aha ee shaa Clark aha and if you had to ask the question who Clark it would be kaha Clark aha kaha Clark aha brilliant we look at what happens when we talk of the new agenda so like the English word that is a flower the Sanskrit is very similar in fact I won't be surprised if it came from the Sanskrit so we have the word that in English in Sanskrit it is that push pump push pump is the word for flower so that push pump that push pump now if you have the flower close by guess what it would be you said it a that push pump right a that's the moment you add the a it makes it close to you when it's far it would be that push pump and when you go close it becomes a that push pump a that push pump if I had a book and the flower was far I would say that is a flower that push pump and if I was talking of this book the book is push that come this would be a that push to come one last time a that push to come this book and that would be that flower that push pump the question mind you for the neuter is Kim push pump for the masculine you remember it was kaha with all the energy in it kaha with the feminine it was the jaw drop kaha and with the neuter it is Kim Kim push pump that push pump that flower Kim push to come which book a that push to come this book it's a great book the adventure of consciousness what yoga is all about thank you practice it and with a little practice you'll become more familiar with it and you know enjoy it more and more thank you thank you very much


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