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Alana welcomes us to Season 4 of Good Morning Yoga, where she will share a series of practices designed to inspire movement in the morning. Practices will develop a sense of presence and peace with what is.
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Apr 18, 2016
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Welcome. Thank you for being here. So, in season four of Good Morning Yoga, we continue our experimentations in yoga. These practices are designed to inspire morning movement, even when you don't feel like moving, especially when you don't feel inspired to get on your mat and move. So we find practices to help expand the breath into the rib-cage, expanding the lungs, which we explore in other practices.

We move through patterns of Surya Namaskar A and B sun salutations. We have some practices to really work on strengthening the back body in cobra, in locus, in Dhanurasana, and in Ustrasana. So we play with back-bending quite a bit through this practice, as well as some forward-folds, twists. There's a really nice side body practice to really get in and stretch the side body, especially when it feels sticky or you might find yourself in a moment of overwhelm or panic, to just begin to expand the breath and drop into what is, feel in to the body and develop a sense of presence and peace with what is occurring in the moment. So thank you for being here.

I hope you enjoy the practices. Keep me posted. Namaste.


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