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Alana Mitnick


Guided by love, Alana's presence and teaching allows for the space to pause, breathe, feel, and listen within.

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With an interest in drawing awareness into the body through breath and sensation, she offers yoga classes that are accessible to people of all ages, bodies, and abilities.

Alana has been a dedicated practitioner of Yoga for over twenty years. She completed her training with Kira Sloane through Lulu Bandha's Yoga School in 2007 and has been teaching consistently for 15 years. In 2016, Alana founded Ojai Yoga Shala, a yoga studio and community in the heart of Ojai that she nurtured for five years. Her teaching style has been influenced by so many seasoned yogis, including Erich Schiffmann, Kira Sloane, Ravi Ravindra, and Tias Little. One of her greatest teachers is the natural world.

Alana has been an instrumental member of the Yoga Anytime family since it's inception in 2014, where she serves as Yoga Lead and Content Producer. She continues to practice yoga because keeps her honest, conscious, and invites a quality of ease and spaciousness into her relationships and everyday life. Alana is committed to a path of service and integrity, and aims to live a wild, wholehearted, authentic, and meaningful life.