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Leeann welcomes us to Season 2 of Relaxation Takes Practice, where she will share a series of passive, accessible, and unique restorative postures to help you feel comfortable, calm and centered.
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Mar 20, 2016
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(waves flowing) Hi everyone, welcome to Yoga Anytime. In this season I'm here to introduce restorative yoga to you. Basically all of the series, all of the practices have a purpose, but they have a passive purpose, and some of them, we start off really with just something called comfortable and calm. Doesn't that sound good? Comfortable and calm, it means that all of the poses are very accessible to everybody, whether you have a restorative yoga practice, whether you're just getting new into the restorative practice, whether you're a teacher, and then we move along into other things.

I think one of the most interesting things about this season is the standing pose series that we do. It's passive, of course, but it's all down on the ground. So think about how you could actually do a standing pose in a restorative way. Well, all the poses are done up against the wall, and they're done with enough supports that you feel what you might feel in a stretch if you were doing it classically in the middle of your mat, but enough support so that the sensation is just a little bit. It's really exciting and I'm happy to show this to you.

The next series that we do is called rest and digest, and this series really focuses on getting your digestion to be calm, to be steady and consistent. So you're gonna see some back bends and some twists in that. Everything that we've done in this season is really to, as I said earlier, introduce you to the practice but also to explore different ideas and concepts in restorative yoga, so that it kinda, you know, ignites a passion for you in restorative yoga that perhaps you didn't know existed. What we hear often from people is that they understand a little bit more about their classical practice from actually doing restorative yoga. So you'll see how the dots are connected.

And I designed a season so that you could actually explore those dots and pick and choose the ones that really seem to work for you. There's also a little talk about how we work with the props the best way, a purposeful way to use them, and this is really about strategically placing props in a way that makes sense for your unique needs. So I'm happy that you're here and I'd love to hear any feedback that you have about what works, what doesn't work, or just questions, queries that you have, something that you understand or need more clarification about. Just keep watching and I can't wait to show you the season. Thank you and namaste.


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