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Leeann Carey

Leeann Carey

Read About This Teacher We love Leeann's sincere devotion to the art and science of restorative yoga. Her teaching generously shares her skills of sensitivity and keen attention to details, which will allow you to create the perfect conditions for deep nourishing rest.

Leeann's approach to yoga provides a unique and insightful refuge from the imbalances of our frenzied lifestyle. Yoga found Leeann in the late 1970's, and hasn't left her since. Leeann opened the first full-service yoga studio in her community of Southern California almost 20 years ago where she developed important skills for operating a successful 'yoga business.' Her eclectic blend of yoga, forged over many years of study with such teachers as Kofi Busia, Donna Farhi, Erich Schiffmann, and Judith Lasater, appeals to a wide range of students. Leeann shares that knowledge today, both personally and through the LCY mentors.

Leeann has mastered the old techniques and developed some new ones that help any student, young or old, fit or physically challenged, improve their performance and their lives. She has used her knowledge and experience to help professional athletes, including some players from the Los Angeles Lakers and Olympic Gold Medal Volleyball player Eric Fonoimoana, heal from injuries and improve their workouts. Leeann uses a warm heart and a skilled touch to help set those suffering from chronic health issues on a health path.

Leanne, founder of Yapana Yoga, is the author of Restorative Yoga Therapy: The Yapana Way to Self-Care and Well-Being, where she provides helpful hints and suggested poses to relieve common complaints, including stress, lower back pain, stiff shoulders, PMS and menopause discomfort, and overexertion. We are so grateful she is here.
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