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Jessica welcomes us to Season 2 of The Yoga Flow Show, where she will offer a variety of creative Vinyasa sequences to ignite the fire and spark within through a doorway of nourishment and care.
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Aug 03, 2016
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(ocean waves) Hi. I am so happy to be back. My name is Jessica Gerai. This season is all about my favorite things. So last time I came in with this fired Shiva, and this time it's that same sense of fire but we're approaching it from a different angle.

So, this practice this season is about finding that fire, about finding that spark within us, but through a different doorway, through a doorway of nourishment, through a doorway of care, through a doorway of the things that maybe not are right at the edge of your most vulnerable, crazy, difficult. But maybe somewhere where you feel grounded and secure and powerful. So we visit various shapes. One of my favorites, shirshasana, shirshasana two you do all these fun transitions. Shirshasana one, it's like my standard go to and then some funner, more flows then there's this whole other side of the practice that is about bringing the water.

And all around us we're in the season of blooming and nature needs the heat, it needs the fire from the sun but it will not grow without the nourishment of water. and I'm super curious about what it feels like to just move in the way of ease. I've been thinking about my relationship with suffering, and my relationship with fire, and my relationship with tapas, right? and I like it. He's like the boyfriend I've been worshiping for years and years and years and he's gotten me all of these places all of this change has fueled a lot of my transformation but I had to notice he left the building and here I am still talking to him. Right?

Suffering left. And then there's ease. What does it feel like to have a relationship with that? What does it feel like to embrace this maha energy? What does it feel like to embrace a little bit more of this sweet? Can she bring us that same sense of transformation?

And I think she can. So, I'm glad that you've joined us. I'm so excited to be here. I'm ready to share this love, this practice, this new moment in my life and provide you with some of that same sense of fullness, of wholeness, of transformation, the sweet, sweet nectar of life. Thank you.



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