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The Yoga Flow Show

Get grooving and moving with these creative and energetic Vinyasa sequences.

Season 1 - Rob Hess

In Season 1, Rob will offer a series of fluid, dance-like, energetic, and amazingly fun sequences that move from the root chakra to the heart chakra. See you in the flow!

Season 3 - Lesley Desaulniers

In Season 3, Lesley shares Vinyasa practices to help energize, strengthen, and enliven your practice and your day. Her classes bring a blend of sweaty flow, spiritual awareness, and most importantly, good humor.

Season 5 - Jasmine Tarkeshi

Roll out your mats and join Jasmine on the cosmic playground for a divine adventure. This season, she will share a wide-range of joyful, dynamic, and contemplative Lotus Flow™ practices all threaded with Yoga's timeless teachings.

Season 6 - Shelley Williams

In Season 6, Shelley shares creative, dynamic, and playful Vinyasa sequences to help you build strength, flexibility, and courage. With a kind invitation to flow with ease, Shelley works with the elements of earth, water, and fire to help you feel rooted, fluid, and alive.

Season 7 - Rob Hess

Rob Hess is back in Season 7. This season he will share a variety of dynamic, fluid, and creative Vinyasa sequences to ignite the life-force within. Throughout this season we will awaken the heart, open the shoulders, find deep opening in the hips and hamstrings, and tap into our core power center. You will feel inspired, alive, and vibrant.

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