Prana Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 13

Reduce the Overwhelm

10 min - Practice


Designed to free up the mental fixation that can take hold when we are overwhelmed, Scott guides us through a simple seated practice and breathing exercise to lengthen the exhalation and in turn calm the nervous system. The practice results in a feeling of calming presence.
What You'll Need: Mat


(waves breaking) We're gonna do a practice that is for when you're feeling overhwhelmed. There is a lot of yoga research that's been done on the effect of yoga for the emotions. And on...


Excellent lil' sequence - brought gratitude back into my day!
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Thank you Scott! Very helpful for centering the mind:)
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That was a very calming and sweet practice. Thank you!
Soothing. and a very nice warm up for the bound lotus pose I am working towards.
such a great practice to squeeze in even on the busiest day. I did this on xmas eve day, when I was feeling very overwhelmed. Thank you Scott. I miss your in-person wonderful-ness, and I am grateful to find you here. Long-time ago regular at your Santa Barbara classes. ; )

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