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Season 1 - Episode 4

Day 2: Feel Energized Now

15 min - Practice


Our energy is constantly being drained as we focus on all there is to do in the daily life. Our responsibilities, to do lists, our focus on the past or worry about the future can all leave us tired. Today we build on what we did Day 1 and practice being present so we can use that energy for the things we're doing here and now.
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Jun 01, 2016
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(wave crashes) Hello, and welcome back to day two. So, everyday life can be tiring. Spending our energy on our to-dos, our responsibilities. Spending time in the mind, in the past, in the future. So, today's goal is gonna be, being here and now.

So working on presencing. So, we're gonna meet at the top of the mat. Again standing, one hand to the heart, one to the belly. Just allowing the feel, the beat of the heart, and the feel of the breath on the hands just to help you arrive right here. Full inhale.

Full exhale. Root your feet on the earth. A light bend in the knees. Shoulders softly draw back. On your next exhale just release the hands down by your sides.

Initiating how we started the last practice, we'll move into half Sun Salutations with the arms sweeping up, and exhale folding forward. Inhale, lift up halfway, hands can slide up the shins to create a little bit more space. Exhale, fold forward, legs strong and engaged. Root through the feet, inhale, rise all the way back up. This time exhale the hands right to the center towards the heart and continue with the exhale with the palms pressing down.

Inhale, take the arms up again, take up lots of space, and exhale bring the hands right through center, fold it forward. Hands come to the earth. Inhale, rise up halfway, hands slide up the shins, heart peaks forward, exhale, fold it in. Inhale to rise all the way up, legs still engaged. Hands through the heart's center, right down the center.

Exhale, pass by the heart, press the hands through the floor. Inhale, arms sweep up. Exhale, fold forward. On an inhale this time we're gonna take it back. Right leg steps back in that lunge we were in.

Feet about hip distance apart. Same thing we did day one, inhale, take the heart forward. Feel free to kinda wiggle through the hips a little bit, and exhale, round it in a bit. Inhale, draw the heart forward, take the left hip back. Exhale, round it in.

Good, one more, inhale shoulders draw back, heart forward. Exhale, round, tuck the chin, tuck the tail lightly. Softly lower the right knee, shin to the floor. Good, on an exhale, take the left leg long, lift the left toes, and kind of reach the heart and torso over the left leg. Inhale, shift forward, come back into that lunge.

So, kinda just negotiating with the hips so you know it's safe, you can come in, you can come out. On an inhale, come back forward. Then one more, exhale, start to lengthen through the left leg, left leg can be straight or there can be a big bend in the knee. Good, inhale, come forward finding a lunge. Left knee over the ankle, start to bring the left hand and the right hand on the thigh and lift up.

So, we're gonna hang out right here. Find the hips lifting, knee over ankle. If you wanna sit in a little bit, you can, but just keep the left knee in line with the middle toe. See if you can peak the heart up and still as you press through the thigh soften through the shoulders, two more breaths. Good, exhale, release the hands down.

We're gonna take this back into Downward Facing Dog. So, as you curl the back toes under, see if you can get the left leg back, hips lift, just take a few breaths here. We're just gonna walk the feet forward coming all the way to our hands. When you arrive, inhale, lengthen through the spine, exhale, fold forward. Inhale, come halfway up, take the left leg back.

Hang out here again, feet hip distance apart. Again we're kinda wiggling. Lift the heart up, draw the right hip back. Exhale, round it in. Inhale, heart forward.

Exhale. So we're creating this little back bend as we inhale. Swoop the heart forward, shoulders back. Exhaling, rounding in. Good, from here take the left knee, shin to the earth.

Take a big inhale, and then exhale. Start to lengthen through the right leg, right toes come towards the ceiling. Inhale, come forward. Exhale, start to straighten the right leg. Inhale, come forward.

Last one, exhale, take the right hip back, lengthen through the right leg. Good, come on forward. Start to walk the hands up onto the thigh, (exhales) starting to get to know a lunge here. Right sit bone's gonna move in the direction of the right heel, palms press and we're just gonna lift up. So, think about getting taller not so much as (exhales) sinking in.

Feeling length and support through the low back. So belly button draws towards the spine, allow engagement in the core. We'll go two more breaths. Exhale, release the hands to the floor. We're gonna curl the back toes under, take it back into Downward Facing Dog.

So, if you need to maneuver you can even use your hand a little bit to get this right foot back. Then just pause here, four breaths. Pressing through the palms, shifting the outer arms back. Inner upper arms come forward so it's like you're scooping out the armpits a bit, creating a lightness there. Now, taking one more big breath here, pressing through the palms.

Strong through the thighs. Instead of coming forward this time, we're gonna exhale, bring the right knee and shin to the floor as you shift the shoulders forward. Kickstand the right foot behind you so I'm moving it towards the windows. I'm gonna drop my left heel down. Take your right hand just a little bit in front of your right shoulder, lots of instructions, and then start to peel the left arm up into Supported Side Plank.

So from here, I'm pressing the floor away, so I'm not collapsing into my right shoulder. I'm trying to get big, tall, rooting through the outer edge of my back foot. Depending how the neck feels (exhales) you can take the gaze down. You can take it neutral. You can draw the chin back a little bit and take the gaze upward, right, adds a little bit of balance if you're looking upwards.

Just two more breaths, really get big, really lift the left hip, root through the left foot. One more, activate through the left hand. Good, exhale, bring the left hand to the floor, lift the hips, we're gonna take it back into Downward Facing Dog. Two breaths here, always the option to come down onto the knees and rest in between. Okay, same thing, shift forward into Plank, bring the left knee and shin to the floor.

Kickstand the left foot back a bit, take the left hand a little bit further in front, like an inch, drop the back heel, and then peel your right arm up. Tune in with the neck, see how it feels. You can again take the gaze down, to the side, or up adding a little bit of balance. Lift the right hip, root through the right foot. Two more big breaths.

Good, and exhale, bring the right hand down, roll back over into Plank, lift the hips, take it into Downward Facing Dog. Then from here, slide forward again into Plank Pose. Always the option of bringing the knees down, hang out here for a moment. Just electrifying, illuminating, right between the shoulder blades, little bit of energy there. Lower the knees down, set the arms, coming back in to Dolphin Plank.

Root through the inner wrists, root through the forearms, curl the toes under, either one at a time or both. Thighs lift, and then there's a little draw of the tailbone down. Really trying to line up elbows right under shoulders. Draw the heart forward. See if you can hang out here for five breaths.

Again, any mischief in the low back, bring the knees to the earth. Notice any shaking in the breath, in the body. I promise your arms won't fall off, at least I haven't seen it yet. Trying to sustain another two breaths. Last one.

Exhaling, knees down, bring the pubic bone down. Create a little pillow for your head. Bring you hands underneath your shoulders. Root through the tops of your feet, inhale, lift up, Low Cobra. Just taking one for a full breath, heart pulling forward.

Exhale, release. We're gonna press right back into Child's Pose. So again, knees can be shoulder distance or further apart. Bring the sit bones towards the heels. Let you torso go, just (exhales) see how quickly you can let go.

Hands, forearms, shoulders. Hips, thighs. Just feeling your breath. Feeling your heartbeat. Next inhale, just lifting up the torso.

Again, bringing one hand to the heart, one to the belly. Thank you for joining me today. Great job, way to be right here, right now and then I'll see you day three, tomorrow.


┬┤hi. I need day 2. for tomorrow mornig. I am in Europe and the morning comes before.Thank you
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Day 2 complete - dolphin plank killing me even knees down maybe by the end of the 14 days I will be able to hold it for 5 breaths lol see you tomorrow
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The connection with the mind, body and breath take us to a space, where there is no tomorrow..just being, now.

Thank you..
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Thank you for the poses. I really needed this quick practice today.
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Thank you Brenda! Really appreciating this sweet progression and your encouraging voice and presence.
Luiza, beautifully and simply said, just being. :) Theresa, you are welcome and I know that feeling of just needing a quick practice to get me grounded and ready for my day. And Ms. Mara, thank you for the sweet video of your practice space!
this is the next one up for me and it won't unlock. GRrrrrrrrr.
Oh no Elissa, sorry for the frustration. Let's see if someone from the tech side of things can help out. Yoga Anytime is super helpful. I noticed on the home page there is a contact button at the bottom. Could you send them a note describing what you have had viewed in this series and what is not unlock. I hope you still made it to your mat on day 2. Hope the curveball doesn't sway your motivation, keep it going.
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Well, it appears if you take a class at night, the next one is not available until 24 hours later, even if you want to take the next class in the morning. Bummer, cuz I am usually a morning person for yoga. Alas. Will just have to skip a day. Tech is nice though. They got back to me right away (as did you!) Thank you!
Oh Elissa, sorry about this! Glad you're here! xok
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