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14 Days of Yoga for More Energy Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Day 2: Feel Energized Now

10 min - Practice


Our energy is constantly being drained as we focus on all there is to do in the daily life. Our responsibilities, to do lists, our focus on the past or worry about the future can all leave us tired. Today we build on what we did Day 1 and practice being present so we can use that energy for the things we're doing here and now.
What You'll Need: Mat

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┬┤hi. I need day 2. for tomorrow mornig. I am in Europe and the morning comes before.Thank you
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Day 2 complete - dolphin plank killing me even knees down maybe by the end of the 14 days I will be able to hold it for 5 breaths lol see you tomorrow
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The connection with the mind, body and breath take us to a space, where there is no tomorrow..just being, now.

Thank you..
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Thank you for the poses. I really needed this quick practice today.
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Thank you Brenda! Really appreciating this sweet progression and your encouraging voice and presence.
Luiza, beautifully and simply said, just being. :) Theresa, you are welcome and I know that feeling of just needing a quick practice to get me grounded and ready for my day. And Ms. Mara, thank you for the sweet video of your practice space!
this is the next one up for me and it won't unlock. GRrrrrrrrr.
Oh no Elissa, sorry for the frustration. Let's see if someone from the tech side of things can help out. Yoga Anytime is super helpful. I noticed on the home page there is a contact button at the bottom. Could you send them a note describing what you have had viewed in this series and what is not unlock. I hope you still made it to your mat on day 2. Hope the curveball doesn't sway your motivation, keep it going.
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Well, it appears if you take a class at night, the next one is not available until 24 hours later, even if you want to take the next class in the morning. Bummer, cuz I am usually a morning person for yoga. Alas. Will just have to skip a day. Tech is nice though. They got back to me right away (as did you!) Thank you!
Oh Elissa, sorry about this! Glad you're here! xok
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