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Brenda Lear

Brenda Lear

We love Brenda's kind eyes, bright spirit and passion for learning.
Read More Brenda’s teaching is a confluence of her light-hearted and sprightly approach to life, united with a deep respect for the tradition. Her fascination with human anatomy and physiology led her to earn an undergraduate and graduate degree in Exercise Physiology. In addition to teaching yoga, Brenda is responsible for education, advocacy and programming in recreation, health and wellness at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB). Her full-time position within UCSB’s Recreation Department helps support a healthy and enriched campus community.

Brenda has completed several teacher trainings, which include guidance from Eddie Modestini and Nicki Doane. Brenda's vinyasa flow classes are creative and provide a dynamic interplay of movement and stillness, cultivating an environment for each to develop their personal practice.

On and off the mat, Brenda’s natural curiosity leads her to create more profound relationships with self, others, the natural world and ultimately the divine. Whether it is yoga, surfing, gardening, frolicking in the mountains or on the dance floor, the things she loves are all rooted in the subtleties of these connections.

Brenda currently teaches weekly classes at Jai Rhythm and Patagonia, both located in Ventura, California.
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