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30 Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Day 6: Balancing Warrior

20 min - Practice


Build strength and heat in the core and legs, while playing with balance in Virabhadrasana 3 (Warrior 3) in today's practice.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


(waves crashing) What's up, day six! Robert here, ready to roll. Let's start, right away. So, I've got these blocks, okay? You have your blocks? I'm sure you do.


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Still here!! :)
Me too Astrid! How are you feeling?
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love it!! I'm working on enrolling my 17 year old to do the challenge too!!
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Day 6 was awesome! I'm happy and very grateful to you, Robert. Thank you for making the choice of preparing this challenge for us. I am sure it will change many lives, mine included! Namaste
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My husband and I are doing this together...although not at the same time. Having fun. Thanks for doing this.
Choosing to commit to this challenge is empowering and energizing! I am so grateful. thank you Robert. good day all. :)
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This is proving to be an excellent way back to a yoga practice I'd gotten too far away from. Thank you!
Astrid, Did you get your 17 year old to join up? How's it going for you?
Awesome Kit! Welcome and thanks for joining us ALL! Hello to your husband too.
Elaine, as you and others (and myself) are finding ... the practice will always be there to welcome you whenever and wherever you decide to show up, just as you are:)) Peace to you on your journey back to yourself!
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