30 Day Yoga Challenge

Feel stronger, more centered, and invigorated with these progressive 20-minute yoga practices with Robert Sidoti. Just show up on your mat for the next 30 days, and meet the challenge!


Lisa S
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Looking forward to this!
Pietro M.
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is it for Beginners?
Kira Sloane
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Pietro, glad you are here! Tell us more about yourself and we can let you know if this series is right for you. No yoga experience necessary, but some physical assumptions are made. You can comment here or email me directly at kira.sloane@yogaanytime.com if you prefer.
Pietro M.
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Hi Kira
thank you for answering..I'm 39 and I'm trying to be more flexible.
My muscles are like stones.I do not have exercise from 5 years and I want to start again.The classes too tight to stretch look fine for me.Ciao
Kira Sloane
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Pietro, glad you found Too Tight to Stretch. You might also try Welcome to Yoga and Wait for It. Stay close and let us know how you are feeling! xok
Pietro M.
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Thank you I will do my best:)
Jill E
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I am loving the series, up to Day 10 but away on a boat for a week or so, I don't want to stop the challenge, I want to carry on when I get back - I hope this is ok?
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I'm 70 with a lot of arthritis so do I need the more gentle. Ones
Kira Sloane
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Dearest Wendywoo, have you dived into the Challenge? We have plenty of gentler practices, even ones specifically for arthritis, but I do not want to slow you down if you are loving being with Robert!

If the challenge is more than you seek, then check out
Welcome to Yoga

Season 1 of Yoga Rx with Patricia

Yoga for Seniors

If none of these are a match, let me know and we can direct you better.

Cherhine S
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Hello Robert. Thank you so much for those wonderful classes. I really enjoy it. I am a Pilates instructor and I love to commit to yoga classes. Definitely I will practice very often Yoga. I enjoyed you create the habits : challenging and also repeating.
Very great challenge. Hope to follow more classes from you.
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