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Robert Sidoti

Robert Sidoti

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Robert is an authentic, real, and straightforward man. We love his honest, wholehearted, and enthusiastic approach to teaching yoga. His classes are strong, challenging, and fun, with the invitation to be soft, vulnerable, and spacious.

Robert has had life long interest in sports, professional fitness, and health and wellness. He is the creator and co-founder of Broga® Yoga, a fitness based yoga program geared for guys, but definitely open to ALL. Robert created Broga® Yoga with a simple goal: To bring the benefits of yoga to more men, offering an experience that is accessible yet challenging and rewarding, and using postures and language that are relevant to the daily lives of most men (and women).

Robert first landed in a yoga class in NYC in 1998. It wasn't necessarily love at first sight, he struggled with the postures, felt the burn in the legs while holding poses and stared at the clock on the wall wanting it to end. But, he knew that there was something special he felt leaving the class and kept returning. Yoga was something he felt he wanted to add to what he was already doing physically. Over the years his yoga practice has evolved and changed. Robert appreciates the slower movement now, more moments for deep contemplation and internal connection.

Robert has received certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, 'Yoga for Athletic Peak Performance' with Swami Sitaramananda at the Sivananda Vendanta Centre, Karma Kids NYC, and 200hr RYT with Kira Ryder. Robert resides on the island of Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts and teaches Broga® Yoga nationally. He draws his strength and inspiration from his 20 year relationship and 13 years of being a father.

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