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30 Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 14

Day 12: Connect In

20 min - Practice


Feel focused and strong by linking your breath and movement as Robert helps us break down sun salutations. Yoga blocks are optional today.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


(water flowing) Hey, what's up? Welcome back, this is day number 12. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty connected. I think we can call ourselves friends. So hey friends. ...


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great class, thanks and happy new year!
Definately a work in progress here! I am struggling with the pushup position as it hurts the heels of my hand (and I have old lady muscles). Any suggestions?
thanks lianne
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Hi Lianne, a lot of around here let our knees on the floor help support us. Sometimes we find that using our legs more, like really reaching through the heals helps reduce the demand in the arms. Regarding the pain in the hands, sometimes rolling the mat up and creating a wedge for the heels of the palms to rest on can relief stress. Some people like to bear the weigh on the end of fists. Robert will also have some good ideas. Glad you are here. Happy New Year! xok
Lianne, Kira points out some very useful tips! One I will add is to press so deliberately and specifically into the pads at the base of your fingers, this helps to reduce pressure in heels of hand:)
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Great class! I'm feeling a lot better than Day 1 and I think that is huge ! YOU are awesome, my friend. Namaste!
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Just like you mentioned the other day - this is my first 30 day challenge, too. And I am loving it. Since I started yoga about one year ago you were always one of my favorite teachers. Thank you and all the BEST.
PS: what's next? Another challenge?
YOU ARE AWESOME LUISA!! Day 12, great job!
Uschi, THANK YOU for hanging out with me in the videos, glad you are enjoying them! I'm not sure what's next, I think another fun challenge could be a lot of fun!
What I am enjoying most about where I am in my yoga journey right now, is the ease and enjoyment of the practice. If I topple over from a balance pose I laugh out loud and enjoy the tumble. the subtle effects of the pose are more evident to me now and they mean more and I feel them more, on and off the mat. Thank you for today Robert, I totally feel groovy, :) good day everyone!
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Took 2 days off (not in a row but out of necessity, unfortunately) and I felt all out of sorts with this one, so that's how I know it's actually working. A little frustrated with the flow on this one; couldn't get my foot high enough and it kept sticking to my mat for some reason. Still pushed through on this one, finished strong, and will reset for tomorrow. Thanks again!
Beautiful message Maria! To be able to find more and ease and enjoyment in your practice is a pretty sweet place to be. Stay groovy Maria!
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