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Season 1 - Episode 16

Day 14: Yogi Workout

20 min - Practice


Get your heart rate up and your sweat on in today's gym-inspired yoga class full of core and shoulder strengtheners. 2 blocks are helpful.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)


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(waves crashing) Hey what's going on welcome back to YogaAnytime. For number 14, day 14 of the 30 days showing up. Alright, so today, well first off how you doing how you feeling? Feeling sore, you feeling excited, you feeling happy, sad? The thing is, is don't get caught up in like you have to show up for this feeling great.

There are days where it's not going to feel great. You're going to feel sore, your going to feel grumpy, you're going to be ahhhhh. But do it anyway, show up grumpy and see how you feel afterwards all right, but don't feel like you have to always be happy Yogi okay. It's not like that it's real life you're going to be pissed off and angry sometimes that's okay, so, I'm feeling good though. (laughs) Exercise yoga today, we're gonna get a little and then kind of like we're peaking here so I'm going to give you a little bit of a workout.

Alright so let's start at the front of the mat, grab your two blocks we'll warm up with some familiar movements. It'll all be familiar but the first part is a little bit of a warm-up alright, got to warm up. Alright, we good, you ready, alright let's do it. So connect, you and I one breath close your eyes. Breathe in, breathe out, yeah here we go, alright.

So let's start off with a casual listing of the arms overhead breathe in as you do so breathe out forward bend. Stretch the legs, come up halfway on the inhalation and exhale, place the hands on the blocks step the right foot back, come up high on your fingertips and just a little like organic free flow movement back and forth. Right if you have any tightness anywhere. You know the thing is, is as we're doing this 14 days and I don't know what type of practice you've had before this but there's a certain instinct you have or intuition of where you need to move and how you need to move. So I invite you always to address that okay.

Let's come back into downward dog, try this press your palms into the blocks and lift your left foot try not to drag it so much, lift it. Forces you to engage that midsection don't it? Okay downward dog bent knees long spine belly gently braced. Take the right foot step it up good and now back and forth. Get creative with how you move find the breath feed the posture a little bit of oxygen a little bit of that prana that life force.

Okay step the left foot up to meet your right exhale down fold good inhale come up halfway exhale forward bend come back into the chair position as we've done before and powerfully rise up. Take the deep breathe in as you reach right arm reached the left arm get tall and palms to the chest exhale. Let's do that one more time inhale the arms high, exhale forward bend. Inhale lift halfway, both feet back plank pose set the knees down one push-up breathe in breathe out push-up lift the knees downward facing dog. Take the left foot lift it up on the breath in exhale step it all the way up.

Good straighten bend lengthen the spine round the spine. You're beginning to kind of like get more confident right with how you move, all movement is welcome, good. Let's step the left foot back do that again lift the foot up off the mat and step back into downward dog, good. Right foot, lift it breathe in and sweep it all the way up land softly, good straighten and bend straighten and bend. Now step the left foot up to meet that right fold exhale, inhale lift halfway.

Now exhale fold chair pose powerful strong and relaxed. Now come all the way up breathe in palms to the chest breathe out. Okay, so from here what I want you to start to do is move the blocks just a little bit wider, so create a wider stance for you on the mat okay. So not so hip width, a little bit wider. First progression will be this take the arms out seat back chair.

Press through the feet pull the elbows in strong exhale, that's like a, one movement. Inhale, exhale, butt comes back inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Stay there or feel free to sweep the arms down so down forward and back with a powerful inhale, right. So I'll do the first few kind of slow. So the inhalation, bring the arms back butt back.

Inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Okay so take a moment to watch before we start. So stand there and watch me do three and then you can choose between this guy here or (exhales) keep your gaze up chest up throughout both versions. Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out, okay. Now we're going to go for 20, this is meant to get the heart rate up and challenge you just a little bit okay.

We're ready for it though you can do it okay here we go. You choose between number one or number two both are perfect alright. Both set the feet forward breathe in (exhale) 20 times exhale to exhale, exhale, exhale, (exhales) in through the nose out of the mouth good. We'll call that eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, sharp exhale out of the mouth 13. (exhaling) four more, one, two, three and (exhales) Bring the palms to your chest and just kind of rock side to side keep your gaze forward heart rate might be lifted that's what it's supposed to be doing right now.

Okay, take one full breathe in sweep the arms up and exhale palms to the chest. (exhales) Okay now bring the blocks a little bit back to where they were, alright, about hip width, shoulder width. Stand between them and then place your feet on the outside. Now real quick what we're going to do is we're gonna do three sets it's like a squat, sun salutation, okay. The idea is to get the heart rate up challenge your strength your endurance your mobility, okay.

Through movements that you're familiar with. Let's go through and I'll demo the first one and then I'll explain to you briefly what we're going to do. So start with the squat position feet out heels on the mat. Inhale the arms up, exhale come down into the squat, place the hands on the blocks, step back into plank pose. Here you can choose to do a push-up.

That way or this way or leave the push-up out completely and try knee to elbow, okay. Once you've done your choice you can step the right foot up left foot up, rise up, and then we repeat okay. I'll do the first round slow but the idea is to do four rounds of three sets with a little bit of rest in-between. Alright you got this, you got it. Okay begin by reaching the arms up on the breath in squat down place the hands on the blocks, healthy squat.

Step back into plank pose, good, gonna push-up or not you choose. I'll push-up and step up at the same time push-up, step, step, sit, rise, ground, that's one, two more. Arms up overhead breathe in exhale bring the palms to the chest sit down in a squat. Inhale step back into plank, pause. Exhale, inhale lower, exhale push-up, step, step.

Rise on the breath in palms to the chest breath out. One more time don't worry about the breath being perfect it's actually not meant to be perfectly synced, okay. It's actually meant to be more anaerobic which means without breath. So if you fumble a little bit with the breath it's perfectly fine get through it the best way you possibly can. Okay, last one of this little set we'll get this.

Breathe in arms up squat down breathe out step back into plank push-up or no you choose. Squat, rise, and ground, okay. So I was a little choppy on the first set but we're gonna take 10 full seconds to rest. So rest can be you just kind of tapping your feet taking a few breaths (exhale) (inhale) This one I'm just gonna come through I'll say arms up overhead squat step back into plank push-up step up squat rise up. Now it's up to you to kind of figure out which breath feels best for you okay.

There's no real right or wrong, alright. And we'll do it kind of like as fast as we can but mindfully so we get that heart rate up. Alright, here we go arms up overhead and squat, plank pose, push-up if you choose, step up into squat, rise up, press the palms together, ground at the heart. Repeat, arms up and squat, step back, push-up if you choose, step up, ground into that squat and rise up, and palms to the chest, good last one, up, squat, step back, lower, push-up, squat, rise, and (exhales) Good 10 seconds, okay, so if for some reason you're just like ahhhhhhh you don't know where he is with this. Just stop for a moment, watch me do it, and then rewind it and then rejoin, okay.

Okay, let's make this the last one, okay. Take it up breathe in come on down into the squat step back, plank, throw in the push-up, step up, rise up, good there's one. inhale arms up overhead, squat down, step back into plank pose, push-up, step, step, rise up, palms to the chest, good job. Up, arms up squat, step back, push-up, step, step, rise and (exhales) One more for good measure, arms up, squat, step, step, push-up, squat, and rise. (exhales) Okay, good we could do those all day but we're gonna do that for now right 20 minutes short video, that's what we can do.

So good job with that, practice that it's one of my favorite things to do for many reasons. So take the blocks move them out of the way maybe your feeling a little bit in the shoulders your feeling a little bit in the heart rate it's all normal all good, balance. (exhales) Time to ground take the right arm sweep it underneath the left Eagle arms okay. So right fingertips reaching towards that left thumb. Okay, so once you get the arms situated.

Right, you can play around with the elbows down elbows up maybe you move those arms over a little bit to peek to get a gazing point otherwise you're staring at your arms, alright. Now lean to the right a little bit lift your left foot up off of the mat take your left ankle on top of your right thigh, figure four pose. Good now it's up to you whether you'd like to send your seat back into more of a chair like a seated standing chair pigeon pose. Holding Eagle arms, that's a long name for a pose but basically, balancing on your right leg with a slight bend holding Eagle arms. And now find that pose, send the pose a little bit of breath, and life, and love.

If you keep falling out of it, it's no big deal at all. All you do is reset, come back up. Okay, release the arms circle them up, and arms down by the side. Already that Eagle pose kind of helps my shoulders relieve from all the push-up stuff so good job yoga. Left arm bring it under, sweep it under, hold, Left-hand on to right, right.

So figure that out, slide, I'm a little sweaty right now, so it actually feels good. I can kind of slither my way in there, pause. (exhales) When in doubt breath, when in doubt take a breath and just (exhales) Eespecially when I'm up here trying to guide you guys I'm like all rambling on its good for me to remind myself just pause and breathe it's all good. It's the key, thank God for the breath. Okay move your arms over a little bit lean to the left a little bit.

Bend the left leg gently, raise the right, open the hips, place the right ankle on top of the left thigh. Point your right toes forward. If you fell out no big deal, smile and say, I'm doing my best, I'm doing my absolute best. To find your balance find the shape that feels like okay this is where I am. Challenging myself a little bit.

I feel the stretch in my upper back, my shoulder blades. Nice, okay, to release you need to come out controlled release the arms, ah yes, arms up breathe in. Release the foot and palms to the heart. (deep breath) So good, good job so let's come down to our backs do a little bit of core and see what else comes our way, alright. Alright, okay my friends for a moment take the palms one breath place them together bring the thumbs to your forehead.

And take one breath full gratitude, full gratitude, and positivity for what you just went through. What you just did, you did your best. Breathe in, thank you gratitude, good job. Okay, let's do a little bit of core like I said so lift the shoulders up off the mat lift the feet extend your right leg out. We're gonna do those hands-free bicycles, right.

Just gonna be lifting the shoulders, lift the head. Now as you breathe out bring your right knee in and then as you breathe out bring the left. You do the switch keep your chest up, keep the abs engaged, and exhale the right. (exhales) Exhale the left, and if you want to add a little bit you take the hands behind your head and as you exhale your right and extend your left out. Bring your left elbow in the direction of your right knee.

Good switch it up, exhale the left in. Reach the right elbow or even your right armpit toward that left knee. Good stay lifted in the shoulders keep moving side to side, Let's go about three three, good nice and slow, two. two, it all makes a difference. every breath matters every movement matters.

One , ah yes one, good job bring it back to center. Wrap your arms all the way around your hamstrings grab hold of your wrist opposite wrist. Bring your head and shoulders down, rock side to side. (exhales) Take your arms out into a nice big T. Let both knees casually drift over to the left, little spinal twist.

Enjoying the fruits of your labor. Showed up again, what, no big deal. It's a big deal, come over to the right. (exhales) Good casual twist, gonna bring it back up to center. And actually let's meet seated, okay.

Roll over to your right, take one full breath with your knees bent, head resting on your arm, eyes closed full breathe in (inhales) full breath out (exhales) Good push up, cross your legs, number 14 yeah. (laughs) We did it, we did it, we showed up again. And the value in that is crazy, it's immense. So keep trucking, number 15 is right around the corner halfway through. So ending with just pure awesomeness gratitude and love namaste, have a great day.


Diane B
2 people like this.
This is another one I'll have to do again, earlier in the day tomorrow since it's high energy. Doing it so late wasn't my smartest move.
Robert Sidoti
Diane!! So happy you are doing the challenge! Our time in Eugene was way too short, this is giving us a chance to deepen our friendship:) I suppose finding the right time of day is helpful, keep up the good practice! Rob
Astrid U
3 people like this.
WAU!!! I am so proud of myself!!! I haven't missed a day . So grateful for your guidance and encouragement ... I feel safe ... AND iI don't even have to leave my home.
Dannette W
2 people like this.
Got my heart racing! I keep showing up and I can feel my strength building and my attitude becoming more positive about where I am now. Thank You
Maria Elena D
I woke up with a list of why it would be ok to skip today, primarily because I started to feel fatigued after yesterdays challenge. But I logged in and read all of your comments, and I felt encouraged. And then more encouragement from Roberts intro and got myself on the mat and my enthusiasm grew with each breath, So, thank you all for showing up for me today! :) the session was really nice and energizing, and I am looking forward to tomorrow. good day all.
Amie M
3 people like this.
Wow!! So I'm pretty much on the 45 day yoga challenge at this point due to being really sore at times and working through the not so fun side effects of a chronic illness. Yet today I found myself jumping spontaneously from squat to plank and back and enjoying the push-up in between. I had to go look in the mirror to make sure it was still me! Thanks Robert and yoga anytime!!
Paige G
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Loved this one! Was feeling a little underwhelmed going into it because my abs are sore from yesterday, but this definitely helped me stretch them. These exercises felt very all-encompassing of the entire body, which I loved as a contrast to the day 13 challenge. Thanks Robert!
Robert Sidoti
Astrid, we are grateful for you being here with us, you and the others are so inspiring to me and the others doing his challenge!! So Thank YOU! Glad it's feeling good!
Robert Sidoti
Good job Dannette! Nothing wrong with a little attitude adjustment:) Keep up the good work and practice!
Robert Sidoti
Yes Maria! We all can understand how hard it can be to show up and how many excuses or reasons we can create, it's crazy right?! :) Self sabotage ourselves constantly, sounds like you are gaining the skills to battle them though, good job and GOOD DAY TO YOU!
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