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30 Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 21

Day 19: Launch Your Day

20 min - Practice


Move from reactive to proactive by energizing, opening, and feeling ready to greet the day with Robert's favorite yoga sequence to start the morning off right.
What You'll Need: Mat


Hey, everyone, welcome back. This is day 19 and we're outside again in sunny California. So, I'm from California, and when I grew up ... I no longer live ... I live on the East Coast, ...


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I have always avoided Camel because of low back issues. Thank you for offering a safe way to approach it. My low back felt totally supported and my heart was open wide!
That's so cool Jess! I think that a lot of people feel the way you do about Camel Pose. It's great when we can find pleasure and contentment in the 'safer' or 'not as exciting' progressions of postures. Thanks for sharing!
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Hi Robert, thanks for sharing the 30 day challenge. Up to No 20! have been practising yoga with a teacher once a week and this just gives me another way to bring the practice into everyday life! You are very motivational thanks, Wendy
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ready to start my day! Thank you Robert, great day all. :)
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I appreciate the strength moves so on the days this is all I do I at least feel like I'm not losing momentum. Thank you!
Wendy! So happy this is a positive addition to your life! Happy to offer it and be here with you all! Have a great day!
I'm all about the strength Shelley, I think it's such an important part or aspect of yoga and with these 20 minute sessions, you could do them back to back to get more of a 'workout' if that's what you are looking for on any given day.
Maria!! Good day to you! I'm going to kiss you positivity on these threads, hope you circle back and start over with this so we can stay connected, but until then, enjoy the 10 sessions remaining!
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Camel pose was my favorite! It brought an emotional feeling ! ?????? Also, I was able to do the tree pose with both feet on the air. ??????... so I guess I'm going to be your yoga teacher now... lol
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Thankyou for this challenge Robert! I am not always able to do that days challenge so I double up to catch up.
But what I want to really say is.... I LOVE how clear you lead on not only each movement, but reminding the breathing all through the session. Your voice is also easy to hear and follow on your wording I am hard of hearing, its not just the volume which we have control of, but your pronunciations. You are a first class teacher and I hope to see more of you after the challenge.
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