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30 Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 26

Day 24: Twist It Out

20 min - Practice


Rinse out your body, and feel refreshed by introducing twists into some familiar postures in today's core strengthening yoga sequence.
What You'll Need: Mat


(ocean wave crashes) Hey, what's up? Welcome back to Yoga Anytime. This is number 24. We're on the home stretch. 24, we're gonna twist it out.


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Twists feel sooo good, wringing out the week. Thanks Robert!
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Robert, you're the best!! Just feeling great and grateful. Namaste!
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So there I was in side plank yesterday and I was cursing you wondering how long you expected us to hold this pose when finally I tuned to look at the screen and saw you had 'frozen in time' cause my connection had dropped so I apologise for cursing you ... lol. On to day 10 in 5 minutes thanks for the classes as I said before 20 mins is such a good time slot.
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Another great day, loved all the twisting!

Thank you Robert.
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That was a great practice. Loved it.
Day 24 ya'll!! Good job staying with the challenge Sam!
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Great to twist out the muscles this morning thank you. I loved hearing the waves in the background as we relaxed for that one minute - could have spent more time doing that today (Sunday). See you for day 25!
Knee still a bit sore but I protected it and got through the practice.Trying to get back into a daily routine after a personal crisis. I miss my yoga because I feel grounded. Namaste.

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